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Alfie To'oala superman tackle and Ed Williamson flying clearout

Deserved a yellow for first hit, late with no attempt to wrap or use the arms...However there's no need for a citing or a ban imo..

Regarding the second incident I'm pretty sure there's a rule which means that as a ball carrier you're not allowed to jump into an oncoming tackler..but I dunno about jumping into rucks etc..

then again he made no use to bind and he made no attempt to stay on his feet so the penalty and probably more might have been deserved...

I really don't know the specifics of the rule book so correct me if I'm wrong...

2 Years, 1 Month ago

Antoine Battut cited after straight red card for knee against Munster

Knee to the head....Red card completely justified, even though it guaranteed Munster a place in the quarters ahead of Leinster :(...

Anybody claiming this is not a red card is an idiot plain and simple...he knees a defenseless man in the head..I'm all for fisticuffs and a few punches being merely a yellow at most, but you cant allow men to go around dropping knees in rucks...Sounds like people have sour grapes on here, and don't like the fact that Munster got through....

On a side note, I do believe they need to restructure the HC group stages...Maybe have less groups/less teams..At the moment only two second place teams make it through, meaning if you draw a group with some of the weaker teams you have a huge advantage of making it through to the knockout stages...

I know I'm probably biased here butlLook at the Leinster this year for an example..They put it right up to Clermont twice, most likely eventual champions, while missing 3 of their most dangerous players, yet they are demoted to the amlin cup while teams who got by mostly based on the strength of the group they were drawn proceed...Even if they were to have playoffs amongst all of the second placed teams to decide who joins the group winners in the quarters..

Here's hoping Ulster pull it off this year, but smart money on Toulon or Clermont..

2 Years, 2 Months ago

Munster's Ronan O'Gara facing ban for deliberate kick on Sean Cox

Not even on the same level as the Flannery kick, nor would I say it's worse than a straight up punch to the's more or less a trip and given is excellent disciplinary record, particularly in the HC (never cited before nor red carded) I don't think this warrants any sort of a ban at all...I would said yellow i it had of been spotted at the time...I would have also said yellow for the obstruction..I would have also said yellow for the blatant shoulder charge obstrution, but maybe a penalty here would have sufficed..

He has been cited though and it's almost certain that some sort of ban will be handed out..Hopefully the board sees sense and makes it a minimal one..

2 Years, 2 Months ago

Nick Evans and Jonathan Davies pick their British & Irish Lions starting XV

Ireland have arguably the best back row out of the Lions nations..Dont think Eng, Scot or Wales come close to having 3 players as good as Ferris, heaslip and O' Brien...Its only arguable because they have no top quality specialist 7...if fit and playing anywhere near the level he played over the last few seasons Ferris is a must start..Nobody comes close to his defensive skills and he is a powerhouse with ball in hand..

I'd probably put Faletau at 8, but wouldn't argue with Heaslip there..I think I read or heard in the build up the Clermont game that Heaslip has made 40 plus tackles in this years HC and has not missed 1 either..Pretty impressive and that's the sort of hidden work you need out of your back row...

Warburton at 7...Warburton is the best breakdown specialist and we're gonna need him to try and shut Pocock down...If not Warburton then O' Brien should get the nod..(wouldn't mind seeing him at 8 either)....Considering he's only back from a pretty bad injury he is playing great ruby and nearly always gaining yards and/or breaking tackles..

Of course this is all speculation that current form will continue up to he Lions tour and during the 6 nations in particular..

I'd definitely have Dan Cole at 3 with Best at 2...Not sure about 1 at the moment but Healy should definitely be mentioned along with Jenkins....Second Row is toss up because there's been no really stand out players this season yet..6 Nations form will decide it here...

Agree with Danny Care at 9 and Sexton at 10...For the 2 centre positiosn I believe it'll come down to the 4 of BOD, Roberts, Davies and Tuilagi...Sure Bod's not near what he was 4 years ago, but he's still one of the best in the game and even if he won't start he's a great leader with great experience and would be invaluable to have on the bench and in the locker room..

Bowes injured as of now so he could be a doubt..Agree with Kearny and North for final 2 back three.

2 Years, 2 Months ago

Heineken Cup 2012/2013 - Best tries from Round 4


2 Years, 3 Months ago

Heineken Cup Round 3 - Four of the bigger games

Only watched the Leinster Clermont match and it was indeed a very good encounter....Plenty of big hits, big scrums, nice offloads and broken tackles...Two main points from the game imo are, Rougerie (spelling) is a monster...He put in so many big hits, and at crucial times too...Secondly, once Leinster replaced Cronin with strauss I think they gave the ball away at lineout 3 or 4 times, often at crucial places on the field...cant do that against a side as good as Clermont and ultimately it made it much easier for Clermont to close out the game by playing it in Leinster's half...

2 Years, 3 Months ago

Hooker Dylan Hartley cited for striking Ulster's Rory Best

nothing more than handbags really...A bit of that adds to the game in my opinion.>Sure it should be penalised on the field of play and how the linesman didnt see it is beyond me...but to get a ban for a little fracus like that is a joke...The only reason I might condone one in this case is on account of his previous actions..

2 Years, 3 Months ago

CJ Stander scores 80m try vs Glasgow on home debut for Munster

As an irishmman, cant say I agree with this intentional recruitment of foreign players with the aim of bringing them into the national squad...I don't mind if a player has genuinely moved to the country and is now calling it home, or at least a second home but this isnt the case here at all...

Only way to stop this is to increase the required years of residence from 3 to something like 5/6/7.... After that kind of time then a player has done enough to prove that he is really living there or calling it home..It would also cut down on this recruitment because a young guy would not have the patience to come over at a young age and have to wait half a decade before having the chance of playing for the country...A player would really have had to have been living in the country as a kid/teenager for it to work out...And if that is the case then I don't have a problem with outside players getting the chance...

2 Years, 3 Months ago

Gavin Hastings picks his British & Irish Lions starting XV for 2013

Cant believe so many people are leaving out Ferris...He is in much better form than eitehr Heaslip or O' brien and should definitely be playing test match rugby if fit and if his form keeps up with last season's...He is a wrecking ball in attack and defense and would compliment Warburton excellently...

2 Years, 4 Months ago

Gavin Hastings picks his British & Irish Lions starting XV for 2013

Sexton fold under pressure?

He pretty much single handedly won that HC final against Northampton 2 seasons ago after being down big at half time...Every international team will have a back up fly half because its the most important position on the pitch...It's between Wilko and Sexton for me there and wouldnt complain at all if Wilko got it, but to claim Sexton folds under pressure is ridiculous.

2 Years, 4 Months ago