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Jonny Wilkinson seals Man of the Match performance with trademark drop goal

I'm surprised that Charlie Hodgson hasn't been mentioned more. He might not be a 'fashionable' player, but he is probably the best passing fly-half bar none, and his kicking has been superb lately. Even his defence seems pretty good, which has been an area cited as his weakness.

If they want something different to those names being bandied around, I think he could be a seriously good pick. He might be towards the end of his career, but on present form I think he could be an excellent choice - he has certainly been superior to Farrell in every area aside from place kicking.

5 Years, 1 Month ago

Martin Bayfield gives practical demonstration of the tip-tackle law

Yeah, that is intensely annoying, it became some sort of fad for the commentators to look for "downward pressure" at every TMO review; despite being entirely spurious.

You still hear it mentioned, but to a lesser extent. I think some (most?) of them have realised it was nonsense.

5 Years, 3 Months ago

Fabrice Estebanez knockout hit on David Strettle

This one doesn't even seem to have an element of provocation in it, as far as I can see.

5 Years, 5 Months ago

Nick Evans and Jonathan Davies pick their British & Irish Lions starting XV

Not entirely sure why Charlie Hodgson isn't getting more mentions, he's been the best 10 in the premiership in 2012, and likely one of the best passers and kickers in world rugby at present. Defensively he's improved a great deal.

Having retired from England shouldn't preclude him, in my view.

5 Years, 5 Months ago

Is Carlin Isles the world's fastest rugby player?

They gave him a short trial stint, but didn't really give him a chance for financial reasons seemingly. However, yes, his fastest 100m time, after having some wiped for drugs offences, is 9.97s; in more recent years he's run consistently ~10s. So, significantly faster than this chap, but in RL rather than RU.

5 Years, 6 Months ago

Best Tries of the Top 14 - Rounds 8 and 9

I have no problem with it, generally. Nationality is a bizarre and blurry thing which is extremely difficult to define.

At any rate, in the case of Vunipola, he's lived here most of his life (since 8 years old) - see this BBC article

You'd have difficulty picking Stevens in that lineup, given that he's retired :-).

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Best Tries of the Top 14 - Rounds 8 and 9

Due to the selection policy which says that overseas players are only chosen in exceptional circumstances. The reason for that is to provide a disincentive for players to move to France and Australia, despite the big money, crowds, weather and other aspects.

I agree though, he's probably the best flanker in Europe at present. In some ways he is England's nearest equivalent to Schalk Brits; a skilful attacking forward who wouldn't look out of place in the back line, with great handling, pace and even reasonable kicking.

My view is that he should be one of the aforementioned exceptions.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Andre Taylor scores again with brilliant finish against the Rebels

You evidently misunderstand how the forward pass rule works. It should be by the passing action of the passer (i.e. arm goes backwards to release the ball).


Remember, you are running forwards fast, even if you throw the ball backwards it is still going forwards relative to the static ground. It just becomes obvious to see when the passer suddenly stops.

6 Years, 2 Weeks ago

Jim Hamilton and David Paice shown red cards after being sin-binned

I agree that Paice started it and I have no sympathy for him, but that isn't much defence for Hamilton trying to punch and/or headbutt him.

Getting red carded for any reason disadvantages your team by ensuring your unavailability for selection (due to suspension), and puts you in bad stead in any future citings (accidental or otherwise) - having 'history' means a longer ban.

I wasn't particularly commenting on who was 'less wrong'.

Anyway, the worst bit was surely the #8 who was just bashing random people without provocation. Trashy behaviour that should be left to football fans methinks...

6 Years, 1 Month ago

Jim Hamilton and David Paice shown red cards after being sin-binned

I think Hamilton is in need of some anger management classes :-).

6 Years, 1 Month ago