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Paul Williams red card for strike on Heinrich Brussow

you are 100% correct, I found the the grammar used in this video truly nauseating and it has no place in the game of rugby. That kind of shit should be left on the soccer pitch.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

WIN a copy of the official Rugby World Cup 2011 game

Saga Maga drive... I'm 34 you know..

6 Years, 4 Months ago

The Taking Down of Jamie Roberts - Part 2

I think I'm missing the point of these videos.. neither insightful or amusing.. But saying that I'm a huge rugby fan. I'd watch any crap if rugby is mentioned at least once in it. Cheers RD keep it up... christ I even watched Invictus.

6 Years, 4 Months ago

Rugbydump relaunches on new platform

I live in a far off land where rugby is unknown.. If it wasn't rugbydump.. I'd be insane.. cheers.

6 Years, 5 Months ago