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The Wallabies hold on for victory over Argentina in Rosario

I just managed to watch the second half of the game, which i guess was the best of it.

Sorry about the lasers btw, its one or two assholes that don't know what rugby is...

I do believe Landajo, Sanchez and Imhoff played very well, too bad the last two only get to play for like 20 minutes.

Cheers, and im sorry if the Argies disappointed this game.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

All Blacks win the Rugby Championship with Argentina thumping

Thanks Guy! Im glad The Pumas aren't seen as a negative factor for this Championship. Hopefully they will get better and better. Maybe even Top 5! Time will tell.


5 Years, 7 Months ago

All Blacks win the Rugby Championship with Argentina thumping

I believe the strategy of the argies was to play more offensively and score more just like Graham Henry suggested , which they did, yet the defensive part lacked reflected by the seven tries of the AB. ANOTHER HUGE FACTOR was Dan Carter, he made the game very unconfortable for the Argies. NZ was superb, definately their best performance.

I hope my dear Pumas can get a win against Australia, would be a great way for Roncero to Retire.

Congratulations to NZ once again, fun match.

5 Years, 7 Months ago

Wallabies avoid defeat with come from behind win over Argentina

Well played Aussies! You've surpassed us this time. The match was very interesting, but it still shows The Pumas's weakness. Past the 65 min Mark my country's team can't handle the pressure anymore. The same happened vs the Blacks as well.
Lets hope we can snatch a win as Locals. Hopefully we will.

To all Kiwis and Aussies going to see the matches in Argentina, i hope you enjoy our country, it is very beautifull, has a BS government, but beautifull nonetheless.
BTW, i apologize in advance if the crowd starts cheering/chanting/Booing.


5 Years, 7 Months ago