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Sam Warburton red card in Rugby World Cup Semi Final

Sorry, mates, but there is something I don't understand here...
There is a rule, quite clear (that by the way has been written after the "O'Driscoll Case"), saying that if you lift a player, get his feet upper his waist (>90 degrees rotation) and the drop him, it is a red card.
The ref just applied the IRB rule.
The 2 BIG problems here are:
1- All the refs do not apply equally this rule (many refs would have given a yellow)
2- This rule may be too severe
There is no point discussing if yes or not this deserves a Red card, because the rule says obviously "yes"!
But now IRB should do all the necessary efforts to:
1- communicate on this point to avoid the frustration of having a red card for this kind of action
2- have all of the refs whistling the same way
(or 3- Change the rule !)
I am French, from Toulouse. Alain Rolland sent off Florian Fritz (our center) in Hcup semis this year for a tackle waaaay lighter than this one ( I looked at the rule and understood the decision (even if I truly think that it is unfair to destroy a match for this).
Besides, I totally agree on the fact that this decision put Wales in a very bad position and ruined the game. French rugby poverty also helped in ruining it. But Wales had the full opportunity to win (11 kicking points missed…on a RWC semi! come on!)…and once (Halpenny’s) for an imaginary penalty (Offside with no ruck?? compensation?).
I feel sorry for Wales…what a wonderful side!!
But let’s wait for Sunday before burying French rugby.
Allez les Bleus

6 Years, 7 Months ago