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Sebastien Chabal's big driving tackle leads to sneaky Ricky Januarie try

Referee almost managed to catch Januarie :D

4 Years, 1 Month ago

Midweek Madness - Damien Traille takes a dive and gets player sinbinned

Regarding yellow card, (I'm not good at rugby laws) is it mainly because Clermont stopped quick Biaritz attack or during the first 10 meters you can't tackle after quick tap?

4 Years, 9 Months ago

Scotland score late try to snatch victory from Italy in Pretoria

I think Parisse is living on his overhype. Let's look at Italy's defence during second Scotland's try. Parisse had two times to commit to tackle, but failed as waited for other, but didn't get his hand dirty. Italy is no longer one man's team as 6 and 7 numbers are doing much harder and dirtier job than Parisse, but he is taking all the credit.

4 Years, 11 Months ago