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Clermont through to first ever Heineken Cup Final after tense win over Munster

why are Irish fans giving out about the french clubs having a much higher salary cap then us on this? the french clubs have always had more money then us since the game went professional. still hasn't stopped us winning 6 Heineken cups. the same as the french! all the french are doing is ruining there future progression at the sport because the higher the salary cap goes the more lucrative foreign players they can bring in. ruining the chance for their young players.

what i don't like though is the fact that they are now trying to get rid of Scottish and Italian teams from the Heineken cup. them and the English clubs are so flipping self centered it's ridiculous. if they want to change the Heineken cup do it to benefit the sport not your own pockets!

Europe has the highest playing population in the world and the oldest international tournament in the world. yet it has only been changed twice in its history.

I feel that they should change the Heineken cup to include teams from countries like Georgia, Romania (both are regular RWC teams now), Russia, Spain and Germany ... make it Change the qualification process completely as well. From the RD12 - top 2 irish teams, top 2 welsh, top scottish and italian. this means that where the teams finish actually matters and makes the league more interesting, money, higher attendances (the irish clubs keep the average up really!) the top 3 french and top 3 english. 4 spots for georgia romania russia, spain, germany. 2 for the finalists of the amlin and the last 5 are decided through qualifiers. the qualifiers can be done at the end of the season because all the teams involved in the business end of the season will generally have already have qualified. if they haven't amends to fixture dates can be done.

IRB should really make a big effort to rugby going big time in Germany. biggest!economy in Europe. plus the children there actually want to play the sport. spent a summer there and my school mates loved the sport!

5 Years, 1 Month ago