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Motu Matu'u makes biggest hit of the season on Matt Hodgson

An absolutely crushing hit! In no universe was it a high or illegal tackle. Point of contact was square in the chest, and the tackler wrapped with his arms. Matu'u's arms ending up near Hodgson's head after the initial contact is incidental and in no way makes this tackle illegal. Granted, based on some historical ban decisions, it was really almost lucky that the ref didn't misinterpret this phenomenal hit for an illegal one.

6 Years, 3 Months ago

All Blacks beat Tonga in opening match of Rugby World Cup 2011

Overall I feel the ABs played well. However, the forwards (especially McCaw) need to become a more physical presence during the game. Carter may be excused from his lack of physicality and running breaks by virtue of his position as a flyhalf, but McCaw needs to step in to his role a game changer in rucks and breakdowns on this global stage. Regardless, it was a great first showing by a NZ side that definitely has the potential to take the Webb Ellis Cup by the end of October.

6 Years, 9 Months ago

Rugby World Cup Daily - Nearly there

Nothing compares to watching the opening ceremonies and an AB win in NZ. Here's to NZ going all the way this year!

6 Years, 9 Months ago