Wednesday Oct 5, 2011 All 600 Rugby World Cup players in just over two minutes

All 600 Rugby World Cup players in just over two minutes

The Rugby World Cup is all about it’s diversity, and with 20 different countries taking part, there’s a fair mix of people, characters, and cultures. This video gives us a quick look at the 600 players that arrived in New Zealand for the tournament.

The guys at Brandspank have done a fantastic job with the titles and on screen graphics for the feeds coming out of New Zealand. They dropped me a mail on the weekend to let me know about this vid, and I’ve finally had a chance to check it out and now share it with you on the site.

Part of their work for the tournament included photographing all 600 players from the 20 teams.

They shot around the country to make this happen, and as you can see here, they’ve mashed them together to create a very cool video that features every player in just over two minutes of footage.

Feel free to hit pause as they go through the teams, just to make sure every player is there. If they’ve missed out on anyone, let us know and we’ll ask them to start the process again.


  •  cheyanqui

    suddenly I have an urge to go to the concession stand and buy a bucket of popcorn

  •  rugbydump

    Enemies by Paper Plane

  •  colombes

    recall me a michael jackson clip ;) nice project

  •  mise

    love them Canadian beards.....

  • I still can't tell the difference between chris ashton, dylan hartley and thomas waldrom, put them in order on video it just looks like a weight gain video.....this is how you will look if you carry on living as you do.....

  •  lado

    Even if you make it faster, I could still see Tindalls nose :)

  • Best til last they do say! ;))))

  •  akared

    Nice touch that the champions are last ;-)


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