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Monday Feb 8, 2016

Carlin Isles unhappy after being caught and hit hard by Augustine Pulu

Carlin Isles unhappy after being caught and hit hard by Augustine Pulu

Carlin Isles gets smashed by Augustine Pulu

He wasn’t fast enough to get away from that! Pulu smashed him bro!

Posted by Sports Bump Rugby on Saturday, February 6, 2016

He might be the quickest rugby player on the planet, but Carlin Isles is not immune from being tackled, and nuggety All Black Augustine Pulu showed us exactly how it can be done at the Sydney Sevens this past weekend.

The Test capped halfback cut off the USA’s attack at the source, crunching the speedster.

As you can see in the video above, Isles was none too pleased after not only being flattened, but clearly getting a few choice words sent his way. It made for an entertaining few minutes, as Pulu gave him a little ‘I got you’ shove on the ground, and Tim Mikkelson scored to add insult to injury.

New Zealand went on to win the tournament, beating hosts Australia in the Cup Final.

USA flyer Isles scored some top tries again at the weekend though, along with his blisteringly fast teammate, Perry Baker. A week ago at the Wellington Sevens in New Zealand he actually scored an even better try. You can watch both in the videos below.

credits: worldrugby & sportsbump



  • rugbydump
    10:15 AM 09/02/2016

    *Mikkelson, and yes, well spotted. Another try that shouldn't have been awarded!

  • stroudos
    7:01 AM 09/02/2016

    Ha! Good spot.

  • drg
    2:48 AM 09/02/2016

    I guess NZ rugby is definitely better than everyone else. I've since learned why we're so disadvantaged on the pitch, the rest of the world has to attend maths classes, it's not in the kiwi curriculum, it's replaced with "more rugby"...

  • getitout
    10:17 PM 08/02/2016

    haha nope nicholson was looking back at the ref because he knew he was in front 2 yards of the kicker

  • flanker2712
    7:15 PM 08/02/2016

    Great hit. Isles took the pass probably a couple of metres closer to the oncoming tacklers than he would have liked and got caught in three minds. After Pulu didn't commit too early to Isles first running line, it was an "easy" smash. Agree about the afters. Not sure I've ever seen Isles say or do anything arrogant to warrant it, With that sort of pace, he could easily showboat/take the mick if he was that way inclined. But nothing wrong with having blistering pace and liking to use it. I remember a clip of him bombing a try when he dropped the ball in the in-goal in a 15s game. Was just a simple mistake, but yet a load of comments on one thread (not rugbydump) about how he deserved it etc. Put it down to envy.

  • jonnyenglish
    6:24 PM 08/02/2016

    Crikey! What a tackle! No need for the afters.

  • danknapp
    5:53 PM 08/02/2016

    Cop a load of that! I love watching him run, but I love watching him get caught even more.


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Carlin Isles unhappy after being caught and hit hard by Augustine Pulu | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos