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Monday Jun 18, 2012

Fiji vs Scotland - June Tour 2012 - Full Match

Fiji vs Scotland - June Tour 2012 - Full Match

Fiji vs Scotland tour match – June 2012 – Lautoka, Fiji

Time: 01:42:50
Credit: original capper & uploader


  • tavish
    6:50 PM 18/06/2012

    Pretty good game, especially for Scotland's Flying Dutchman. I'd love to watch Fiji play in Fiji, I have got a lot of time to watch them run with the ball! And where were the rest of Fiji's big stars? Don't they have access to Google in Fiji? So many factual errors by the commentator. It's like he was guessing where everyone plays their club rugby. As I understand it the coverage for this game was a last minute purchase by ESPN. There should have been more coverage by other media sources. Shame the live feed was such poor quality. What was Fiji's first try like?


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