Wednesday Sep 17, 2014 ITM Cup Round 5 Try Scoring Highlights

ITM Cup Round 5 Try Scoring Highlights

New Zealand’s ITM Cup regularly produces rugby of the highest quality, and Round 5 was no different, with a whole host of excellent tries and dramatic finishes taking place.

Here is a five minute round up of the best scores, with some of the tries again showing why the senior side are so good with ball in hand.

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  •  stroudos

    I know how you feel mate! The biggest single thing that stands out for me though is the support runners - in every example here of a player making a break, there seems to be at least one team-mate running up just behind him, offering an outlet for the offload. So often in the North (I would exclude France from this actually), that bloke would just find himself isolated. These blokes make it seem so simple.

  •  hedderball

    As a NH rugby fan I find the ITM Cup in particular so depressing as it showcases what makes NZ rugby so good. Yes the defence isn't going to be as tight as say the full professional outfits, but the angles, handling and dynamism of these guys is so off the charts compared to what we see - and some of these guys are part-timers!

  •  jimmy23

    Love the falcon at 3:01


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