Wednesday Mar 11, 2009

Midweek Madness - Rugby Cheerleaders

Midweek Madness - Rugby Cheerleaders

Midweek Madness - Rugby Cheerleaders

When it comes to the most talked about and controversial incidents on the rugby field, weve always done our best to bring you all the action. Eye-gouging, fighting, high tackles we dont endorse or encourage it, we simply show it.

Its under that premise that weve got a rather different video for you today. As we strive to bring you the best in rugby, from interviews to funnies, we thought it was about time we featured a different side of the game.

While the purists or prudish out there may not approve, were pretty sure the vast majority of rugby supporters have no problem with, and even enjoy, rugby cheerleaders and dancers.

While foreign to rugby until the rise of professionalism, cheerleaders and dancers are now common place, particularly in the Super 14, which is where this footage comes from.

From the famous Sharks flasher girls, to the Hurricanes blondes, the fans get to see their favourite teams parade a bevy of beauties before, after, and during the match.

The girls themselves are now even featured on the teams individual websites, causing locker-room talk about which team has the best looking girls.

Yes critics, this isnt actually rugby, but neither is

Austin Healey

arm wrestling, or

David Strettle

making a fool of himself on a gameshow. We try to give you an all round rugby experience, so kick back and enjoy this look at one of the finer aspects of the game.




  •  jarrowlad

    drooool,,,,,,go sharks !!


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