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Monday Oct 10, 2016

Nick Phipps warned for pushing medic during Argentina Test

Nick Phipps warned for pushing medic during Argentina Test

Wallabies replacement scrumhalf Nick Phipps has been issued with a warning after he pushed an Argentinian medic who was attempting to get the ball during their Rugby Championship match at Twickenham on Saturday. Phipps was penalised at the time.

In what was an entertaining but testy match, this was one of the more bizarre incidents as Phipps shoved the medic to the floor, sparking a bit of a scuffle as Matias Maroni came flying in to then push Phipps.

He has since been issued a Citing Commissioner Warning for contravening Law 10.4 (m) Acts contrary to good sportsmanship, a SANZAAR statement said.

“A Citing Commissioner Warning may be issued by the SANZAAR Citing Commissioner for foul play incidents that are very close to, but in his opinion do not meet the Red Card threshold for citings.  Upon review of the match footage the Citing Commissioner deemed a Citing Commissioner Warning was appropriate.”

There’s no doubt that the medical staff member should not have done what he did, and could be seen earlier in the match getting right in the middle when Argentina scored – perhaps frustrating the Wallabies – but the scrumhalf was way out of line and is perhaps lucky to not receive a ban.

“I really don’t know what was going through anyone’s minds to be honest,” said Wallabies coach Michael Cheika. “I know that no one was injured. Nick was probably trying to get the ball.

“I’m not quite sure about the penalty but it was a very rare situation and the ref dealt with it on the field as best he could. That’s it.”


  • drg
    5:24 PM 12/10/2016

    What is the age old thing we hear players being told "don't take matters into your own hands!" Sure it's easy to say that and hear other people being told that when you're not in the game yourself, and sure it's difficult not to react, but there was no need for it and I'd hope it's something that doesn't get repeated... In the 'what ifs' camp, what would have happened if hypothetically that physio was injured as he fell? I remember that referee being caught in between two players or being tackled or something and he ended up with some horrendous spiral fracture or something, even though the incident looked fairly innocuous.. I'm 'just saying' what would have happened if this guy had fallen awkwardly and broken his wrist or something... would we be looking at a punishment?

  • jimmy23
    2:52 PM 11/10/2016

    Public execution

  • finedisregard
    11:58 PM 10/10/2016

    A player physically knocking over a member of the medical team is one of the worst things I've ever seen in rugby at any level. This is much worse than any bad tackle, punch or off the ball incident. Total garbage and tantamount to hitting a girl or worse a ref. The things that some people think are okay (cynically holding opposition) and the things some believe to be heinous (players colliding in mid-air=instant red card) in rugby I can't really understand anymore. The culture of the game is really moving in weird directions. One thing I'm sure of is: Nick Phipps is a low down grub.

  • danknapp
    10:20 PM 10/10/2016

    What if Christophe L'Ashton had done that?

  • dancarter
    10:04 PM 10/10/2016

    Physio shouldn't be touching the ball, although it seemed an instant reaction rather than a deliberate attempt to give Argentina an advantage. It reminded me of that football match a few years ago between Chelsea and Spurs, and Eden Hazard kicks a ball boy who won't return the ball, and Hazard was sent off. Interesting that a similar event in rugby receives such a light punishment. Either way, Phipps should not have responded like that and it was clearly a massive over reaction. Not really sure why it was so important that he had the ball when the game was clearly stopped, so it's not as if Phipps needed the ball asap for a quick penalty. I would have preferred a yellow card for Phipps. For all I care the physio could have picked the ball up and slotted a drop goal and I still don't think Phipps' reaction would have been acceptable.

  • ronan
    9:04 PM 10/10/2016

    But what place has a "physio" touching the rugby ball? Was he going to give it a rub down??

  • stroudos
    8:34 PM 10/10/2016

    Penalty and a chat absolutely sufficient and fine. Christ knows what the physio thought he was doing. Hat tip for the ref too, "getting his Owens on".

  • 5:39 PM 10/10/2016

    if Chris Ashton had done that...


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