Wednesday Jun 29, 2016 The Top 5 of 'Out There' Entertainment

The Top 5 of 'Out There' Entertainment

Fox Sports are doing their popular Top 5 segments again, this time under the umbrella of a different show completely. The ‘Other’ Rugby Show is a new half hour that features Sean Maloney, Andrew Mehrtens and George Gregan, and looks like great fun.

We sent one of our writers down to the filming of it in Sydney earlier today, and by all accounts the show delivers in much the same way that Rugby HQ did, and The Rugby Club before that. 

A few years back we saw a similarly themed clip, the Top Five Best Game-Day Entertainment Showings Ever, but this one is slightly different, including some classic favourites.

In this one, from episode 3 of the new show, Sean and crew take a look at some of the craziest pre-match and halftime entertainment seen in recent years at rugby matches.

From scantily clad ladies at Friday’s Top 14 final, to a little guy on a surfboard and some peculiar Kung Fu rugby in Hong Kong. There’s also Clyde Rathbone’s brother (google him) having a nightmare in a Brumby Jack outfit, and some men doing ballet in Dunedin.

It’s weird all right, but great fun and provides plenty of laughs. View more Top 5s in our archives


  •  stroudos

    For my two penn'orth: the girlie shows can stay, the dwarf/midget shows in the other hand don't sit so well with me. Anyway looking forward to more from Seanny and the team!

  •  nemeketh

    Not bad. I saw 2 out of 5 !

  •  pire

    About time. Thank you.


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