Tuesday Jul 3, 2012

WIN the training jersey Dan Carter wore in adidas trick shots video

WIN the training jersey Dan Carter wore in adidas trick shots video

Last week we launched the Everything’s a Target adidas video #1, which included a chance to win a Dan Carter signed ball. Today we’ve got the second brilliant video, and thanks to the nice people at adidas, we’ve been given the top he wore, and later signed, to give to one lucky RD user.

This video features a similar scenario to before as Meghan Mutrie challenges young Fletcher Smith to a series of kicking tasks. As you’ll see, everything is indeed a target and as it features one or two incredible bits of skill from the great All Black, who was wearing the new adidas Predator Incurza’s.

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To enter, make sure you watch the video then leave a comment below telling us who you think will win the inaugral Rugby Championship, and why. Register to comment | Login

*You may also enter by tweeting us with hashtag #adidasRD and your answer

This competition is now closed! You may continue the discussion below if you’d like, but a winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks to those that took part.


  •  rugbydump

    This competition is now closed! You may continue the discussion, but a winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks to those that took part.

  •  _ainemcmonagle

    New Zealand, definitely! They can breakdown any team that they play against because they are so talented.

  •  fullprop

    Got to be the All Blacks. Great to see Argentina in a great International series which will only allow them to flourish and grow, but the AB's just have too much going for them right now. South Africa and Australia are close as always, but the AB's just have too many dominating players 1-15 currently.

  •  larry_hook

    New Zealand will win the tournament. So much skill and versatilty in the squad with old and new players combining to make a force to be wreckoned with. Strong foward pack and amazingly talented backline. Strong set piece work and so strong at scrum time. With the recent injection or smith at half back and nonu back at 12 will be so strong. Having carter in the pivot role he will see NZ home. Hes such class like he showed with his last minute drop goal against the irsh. Carter Along with Mccaw and Read leading the way to victory. Will also be boosted even more by the return of wing Corey Jane and powerhouse Victor Vito from injury

  •  rossmcewan

    Dan is class! New Zealand are awesome! Great video of skill

  •  warhorse

    The Boks with their sheer physicality will be a match for anyone. I thought they'd slipped away after their 2007 triumph, but I have been proven very wrong. Quality squad with a good mentality, I think they might just nab this!

  •  artudetu45

    The All Blacks definitely are the strongest team in the world right now though the Welsh and the Wallabies have been in decent form. However, the All Blacks are way too dominant right now and will most likely take the Championship.

  •  mazu07

    all blacks! they were on their best in past few matches & they have got the best side & the luck....

  •  laurent83

    I go for the Aussies by a whisker: they play home and will make it tough on the NZ as world champion.

  •  huwgoboss

    NZ! They have quality players at their disposal and have looked very impressive in their last couple of tests.

  •  erik

    New Zealand will win, not because I want them too, but because they have proven to be the best again and again over the last 2 years.

  •  stripe

    But as for the Rugby Championship, there are no shootouts so.... New Zealand. Because I couldn't live with myself picking anyone else. :)

  •  stripe

    Well if the final comes down to a penalty shootout - into basketball hoops, I'm going to have to back the Crusaders. :D

  •  jsmith27

    Although the all blacks demolished the irish squad in 2 out of 3 test matches, I believe that if the australian team gets quade cooper, kurtley beale and james o'connor to return to the form they were in last season they will win the inaugural competition

  •  bennysquidarms

    The All Blacks will win the inaugural championship, though the Boks looked tough against the English. The All Blacks have the depth at all positions to weather the inevitable injury (look at home many guys wore the 10 at the RWC and yet they won).

  •  ferrari333sp

    With the depth of squad advantage I think they have over the other nations, the New Zealand All Blacks will win the inaugural Rugby Championship.

  •  caamicarter

    I think the All Blacks won! I am from Argentina, but I love the all blacks, if they think it's bigotry, I answer yes, I love them! But obviously I love Pumas, but my priority or rather my first post! Are the All Blacks! I know they will win, the team do have! They have players of very high class! Have a very good pack, players very fast, very tactical, and a player who opens the field as Dan Carter for his vision of game! Also their new additions are great, kids who see them wanting to play and very committed to the game, such as the other players! I do not doubt that the All Blacks will win! AB's Go!!!!!

  •  jfirth06

    New Zealand will win; they've got such a great back line and great depth in their squad - hopefully they'll play some of the players such as andre taylor and andy ellis who missed for the ireland test matches. I reckon Argentina will surprise some people and may come in third with australia coming bottom... South Africa didn't really set the world alight against England but they know how to grind out a close match!


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  • Safe enough bet that New Zealand will win...

  •  logansinclair

    New Zealand because they look to be on form and have loads of depth in their players and just have a really good overall squad.

  •  hanna

    New Zealand will win!

  •  amk

    You can't look past New Zealand, but perhaps it won't be as easy as everyone thinks. They are strong all over the park, with some potential young superstars providing real depth.

  •  samoffer

    New Zealand will win. They are simply too strong for the other teams.

  •  jak

    New zealand are going to win,but I think Argentina will surprise a few people with at least 1 win.

  •  79jk97

    I think it will be closer then everybody reckons, but in the end the men in black will prevail because their squad depth and quality is just that much better then all other teams. All blacks first, Australia second, South Africa third and Argentina last.

  •  runningrugby4

    This person TOTALLY ought to win. (wink, wink)

  •  runningrugby4

    Given their record in the Tri Nations, their performances against Ireland in the first and last test, and being RWC Champions, the ABs are clearly the strongest team going into the 4 Nations. However, the Wallabies managed a whitewash of Wales with an understrength team, missing Q. Cooper, their best wingers, and JOC. The Boks arent lookong too good at the moment, but I think they'll improve with time, and los Pumas, I think, will put up a few good performances, and might even win a game or two.

  •  mc10

    It is going to be tight, but I thinkt he All Blacks will edge it. Not only do they have the best back line in the tournament and a solid pack, they have a large group of impact players that can be thrown into the mix. With injuries in key positions, i think the other nations will struggle due to lack of depth. All blacks to win, and South Africa to finish second!

  •  frasermacrae

    Australia lost to SCOTLAND!!!! South Africa drew with ENGLAND!!!! Argentina lost to FRANCE!!!! New Zealand have not lost in a year and in that time have won a world cup..... So with New Zealand probably favorites to win I think..... South Africa will probably win it!

  •  jbun79

    I think with all of the injuries to players like pocock and beale and o'connor for the aussies, they have to be ruled out of contention. and the boks may be able to handle a young england side but they themselves i believe are too young and inexperienced to win a competition like this (this time next 1-2 years though, watch out) and argentina has to be ruled out solely based on this being their first foray into the previously named tri-nations tourney. although i think they will put in a solid showing. so that leaves just one if my calculations are correct, ALL BLACKS ALL DAY

  •  dizzyhalfload

    Although the All-Blacks have shown devastating form against Ireland, they won't be able to run rampant like that against their southern hemisphere counterparts, and their team and pack in particular did show some weakness in the second test against Ireland. I don't think Australia will have the fire power to take advantage of this but the boks on the other hand have shown good form against England and they look hungry. I think they have targeted this Tri-Nations to end New Zealands high after the world cup and will play a similarly style to their tests against England. They will look to disrupt and harass the All Blacks into mistakes and if they can gain an upperhand in the forwards, they will nullify New Zealands attacking game and make the match a dog fight that they have the muscle to win. Argentina to win one match against Australia.

  •  kikohalaliku

    All blacks, but it will be good to see Argentina in there too as the southern hemisphere rules rugby. Heart breaking to see those tickets get torched in the video

  •  avisha

    All blacks

  •  larissa_h

    New Zealand. Great forward pack with exciting new back prospects like cruden, savea and smith (aaron) with those wise old heads like richie mccaw and dan carter leading by example. Experienced team with a crop of new exciting players coming through with so much talent and a point to prove. Bringing new and exciting players in with there experience will work for them. Although it wont be easy, New zealand will come through winners. I think after the RWC they want to prove they are consistant winners and they started to show that in the recent 3 test Irish series. South Africa and Australia wont be easy to beat though. But New Zealand will do it.

  •  carter

    A rgentina L anguish L ast. B reakdowns L ower A ustralia. C onsistency K ills S outh Africa. W orld Cup I gnites N ew Zealand.

  •  pretzel

    Pretty sure this one is going New Zealand's way.. They were great up until the RWC, obvious nerves and "choke" scenarios, but they managed to pull it all off, and since then they've looked like steam rollers... I suppose it could be anyones win on the night, but I have a strong suspicion that this series is going to be the All Blacks series to lose...

  •  tommygun

    New Zealand will find it a walk over with two massive wins over ireland! Bring on the ALL BLACKS!

  •  eksellentz

    I think New Zealand will win, but the Boks will give them a stiff competition for it...

  •  mikethemachine

    I've got to back New Zealand here, they're playing with such ferocity at the moment and seem to crave success more than the others. They've got some seriously exciting young players coming through, but I reckon SA will give them a serious physical challenge

  •  carps21

    Australia, I think although they were close to defeat a couple times v Wales I think they will have enough ability to win the Rugby Championship, but will be pushed very close by the All Blacks.

  •  blauzon

    South Africa will win, coming off a disapointing world cup they will have something to prove. Their forward pack will be dominant as always and their backs have enough ability to either play a tough grind it out game or a speed game.

  •  wjbmoore

    South Africa to win. If they replicate the strength of the first 20 minutes/half an hour against England in the second test of this summer series, then I don't think even the current AB team with their form would be able to hold off that constant pressure. The power of the likes of Alberts, B Du Plessis and F Steyn is phenomenal, and when they link it is hard to stop. Not only do they have huge strength in the scrum, but also a class kicking game with the 2 Steyns, and some great attacking threats, in particular, J P Pieterson who looks to be seeing some great form and will make any opposition wary. Australia don't look too much of a threat after a (by their standards) poor test series against Scotland and Wales. And although the AB's thrashed the Irish, I don't think too much can be inferred from this since the Irish have never had a good record against Southern Hemisphere teams and they have come off the back of a long season and therefore are a lot more tired. The Boks are a lot better defensively than the Irish and being Southern Hemisphere will know how to play the AB's better, making the margin of victory with which the AB's beat the Irish rather irrelevant. After all, if the Boks played the AB side like it was in the second test I'm sure the Boks would win.

  •  bagby123

    I think New Zealand will win simply because they are so consitant i think South Africa might suprise a few people though!


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  • The All Blacks look to be in great form again, so I see no reason why they won't dominate the Rugby Championship.

  •  peislander

    I'd have to say The All Blacks should win without any problems. They showed with the Ireland tests that on a bad day they can still beat a great side and on a great day they can easily crush anyone.

  •  edward_coleman

    All blacks, with the old and young talent they have are sure to win it, especially with Julian Savea

  •  fitnessjunkie3189

    New Zealand have it in the bag, The win they put together against ireland was just how the best in the business do it and how rugby should be played total green wash they have the speed and they have the strength. New Zealand all the way woop woop.

  •  mikey_t

    Can't look any further than the ABs I'm afraid - having rid themselves of the World Cup monkey on their backs, we've now seen a glimpse of the next generation of stars (Savea, Smith, Retallick, Cane) in the tests against Ireland. The Aussies were there for the taking in the Welsh tests, and whilst the Boks were impressive against England, I can't help but feel that they don't have the same mixture of physicality and pure skill that the Kiwis have in spades.

  •  shems33

    New Zealand, south africa will have an incredible kicking game through the steyns, and the wallabies are going to scare the all blacks with running lines, but I think new zealands defence, conditioning and experience will be the difference maker in each game

  •  degis87


  •  theninjawarrior

    New Zealand will deffinetly win followed closely by Australia. NZ just has too much class and depth in the bench to be matched. I'm seeing a clean sweep by the ABs.

  •  rrfc

    All Blacks will win, simples. The simple things are always done properly. They also use the scrum well to launch running set phases rather seeking the three pointers! Great to see the Pumas stepping up to the challenge though!

  •  mnixon123

    South Africa are looking good, but All Blacks to win it :P

  •  lisa

    South Africa, on good form and what my gut instinct goes with :p

  •  susesui

    All Blacks will win. It doesn't matter they changed the name of the tournament it will always be Tri-Nations, because sadly Argentina has not the level to play against the best teams in the world...maybe in a few years but for now...All Blacks!!!!

  •  callum_mcd

    Argentina will obviously win. All Super Rugby players will go on strike due to the forthcoming decision from SANZAR moving Super Rugby games to 5am, allowing viewers in Europe to watch the games without getting up early in the morning. With no players from this competition available for selection for the national sides the unions will have no first class players to select. However Argentina, whose players all play their rugby either in Argentina or Europe, will not be affected by this strike, and therefore prevail as champions of the first Rugby Championship. Obviously

  •  striders

    All Blacks by a country mile. They're the best team with the greatest depth of squad and outstanding coaches overseeing the whole thing. Good luck to the other three nations in the quest for the runners up slot!!!

  •  rudii84

    All Blacks will win because they are a better team, with better players and a superb quality of the game. And on top of that winning the first game in the new tournament is another chance of creating rugby history and that will give them a motivational boost.

  •  mightykruppe

    Could be a close one. South Africa looking pretty solid all round and have seem to have better squad unity this year. You can never write off the Criminal Element but they looked pretty fragile against Wales and the Mighty Scots! Argentina are going to be the whipping boys for a few years, I fear, but they'll improve hugely in the long run. So yeah...All Blacks for the win. Hard to see any weaknesses

  •  mtperry88

    New Zealand! They are world champs afterall with McCaw and Carter pulling the strings coupled with the lethal back line to tear defences apart (Dagg, SBW, Smith etc.) Offloading game and pace is too good to contain. Pack will destroy Wallabiesand pumas!

  •  upthelowend

    Looking at NZ's games against Ireland id have to give it to the All Blacks, but id like to see Argentina hold their own.

  •  chopper09

    New Zealand will win. Australia has too many injuries, SA has too many new players and Argentina won't be able to compare. If Australia get all their players back then they may have a chance.

  •  kocherb

    As much as I love the All Blacks, I think Australia is going to be fighting for some revenge, and I think they might just take it, albeit by a very small margin.

  •  grantcole

    The clinical All Blacks will win hands down. Every position has depth galore in that country!

  •  miward

    New Zealand will win. Solid pack + Best back line in the world + Haka = Unstoppable.

  •  dmcnumber8

    South Africa are in with a good shout, their forward pack will definately impress


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  • New Zealand. No doubt. They were practically faultless against Ireland, who are a good team. They have such depth to their squad, players who would walk onto any other national team on the planet are not getting chosen because the competition is so fierce for the all black jerseys.

  •  cpotato

    New Zealand will win; they were devastating against Ireland in that final test, and their backline is incredible.


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