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Wednesday Jan 31, 2018

Add this one to the list of the craziest rugby bloopers you've ever seen

Add this one to the list of the craziest rugby bloopers you've ever seen

This 7s match took place between Lithuania and Croatia in summer last year, and just minutes in, it provided us with one of the worst (best?) rugby bloopers we’ve seen in a long time. It was so bad, we had to get out the orchestra for the edit. 

The ridiculous blooper featured big Lithuanian winger Domantas Baguzis, who appeared to have secured a well taken try after a nice counter-attack from 80 meters out. 

As we have seen on numerous occassions though, whether it was time wasting, showboating or just not realising that danger lurked, he was well and truly shown up by the determined tackle. 

While all credit should go to the Croatian tackler that chased back to ruin the party, 25-year-old Baguzis is actually the one that told us about what happened. So he clearly doesn’t mind the ribbing, of which it would have been significant, after this howler of a mistake!

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  • the_osprey
    8:23 PM 01/02/2018

    No arms referee

  • dancarter
    1:11 PM 01/02/2018

    I think players would benefit if they had played more sevens as they developed and grew up. You get a lot more of the ball and there is a lot less kicking, it's a great opportunity to work on handling, defending your channel and offloading.

  • moo
    10:00 AM 01/02/2018

    Sevens is ace. A lovely day out on the beers with rugby happening. What's not to like? Anyone going to London on the Sunday?

  • rugbydump
    7:50 AM 01/02/2018

    7s is great. It's possibly a bit over-promoted by World Rugby at the moment but from a player's perspective, its excellent for fitness and skills development. Not great for forwards though obviously, so generally it's the front or second rowers who tend to moan about it. That said, 15s obviously the best form of the game.. 'real' rugby.

  • canafrikaaner
    3:10 AM 01/02/2018

    Everything is relative. 7's is ridiculous in relation to 15's... but it does have some merit

  • drg
    11:48 PM 31/01/2018

    Tbf I quite like it.... Everyone seems to be so caught up in this world, quite nice to see people actually enjoying themselves...

  • reality
    9:13 PM 31/01/2018

    Does anyone else think sevens is kind of ridiculous? This kind of stuff happens all the time. Even the players don't take it seriously.

  • rdump0
    8:41 PM 31/01/2018

    well this wasn't really a tackle...


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