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Tuesday Jun 16, 2015

Andre Esterhuizen and Robert du Preez both suspended for tip tackles

Andre Esterhuizen and Robert du Preez both suspended for tip tackles

Young South African backs Andre Esterhuizen and Robert du Preez have both been suspended following dangerous tip-tackles during Saturday’s Sharks vs Stormers Super Rugby clash. Both were yellow carded, but citings and fairly lengthy bans have followed.

Both players were charged with contravening Law 10.4 (j), which applies to the lifting tackles that took place. Sharks centre Esterhuizen and Stormers fullback Du Preez both pleaded guilty to the charges.

Esterhuizen was suspended from all forms of rugby for four weeks, while Du Preez received a six week ban. In the latter’s case, it was viewed as a mid-range offence, with two weeks added on as a deterrent to ‘send a further message that this type of tackle cannot be tolerated in the game due to the risk it poses to players.’

It was then reduced due to mitaging circumstances such as remorse and a clean record.

In Esterhuizen’s case, which was similar to the Francois Steyn incident earlier this season, judicial officer Nigel Hampton stated: “It appeared from the video that the actions of the Sharks’ halfback had some effect on the Stormers’ player as he came to ground on his upper body. However, Esterhuizen was clearly the major contributor to this dangerous tackle, which he accepted.” 

Nature of Offence: Law 10.4 (j) Lifting a player from the ground and dropping or driving that player into the ground whilst that player’s feet are still off the ground such that the player’s head and/or upper body come into contact with the ground is dangerous play.

Esterhuizen tackle on Michael Rhodes

Du Preez tackle on Lwazi Mvovo


  • stroudos
    9:54 AM 22/06/2015

    My contention is that the card colours recommendation in the directive is fairly clear and that the ref got the Du Preez one correct according to the directive. Further that the citing process is an inconsistent shambles, in this case heavy-handedly incorrect on the Du Preeez tackle.

  • drg
    12:32 AM 21/06/2015

    Whilst card colours may not be clear Stroudos, these evidently warranted red cards, as suggested by the fact the players were banned...

  • eddie-g
    10:08 PM 17/06/2015

    On a somewhat separate note, I am delighted to see that Robert du Preez Jr, unlike his father, can tackle. Anyone following the Bokke around the time of re-admission will know exactly what I'm talking about, I used to lose it every time I saw Du Preez snr had been selected. The guy couldn't tackle for love nor money.

  • browner
    10:23 AM 17/06/2015

    Players are still lifting Ball carriers off the ground for what possession reason exactly ? It isn't driving the player very far backwards or taking ball possession off of them, so what is the possession benefit exactly??? Their stupidity is compounded because WR havent ever directed the game to rid these 'potential paralyse'rs' .....oh wait, .....yes they have it seems, several times !! How much clearer do players need this subject to be? Did either player land on head or neck, if so then it should be been RED given by the referee - or is this the Union equivalent of RLs shameful 'RC avoidance' policy , often described as " on report" ???!!!!


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