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Wednesday Mar 25, 2020

BATTLING CORONAVIRUS: Former Scotland international outlines his experience

BATTLING CORONAVIRUS: Former Scotland international outlines his experience

Former Scotland scrumhalf Rory Lawson has shared his ongoing experience with coronavirus on Twitter with a full thread about what he’s been going through.

The 31-cap international said that it would be worthwhile sharing the circumstances he has found himself in, as the “Twitter reaction to my Covid-19 posts over the past few days have highlighted to me the interest in hearing more about symptoms of Coronavirus.”

The former Edinburgh, Gloucester and Newcastle Falcons halfback explained the importance of sharing his ordeal, saying: “If it changes the way one person views it or behaves then it’s worthwhile. It’s very clear that everyone reacts differently to the virus but it is NOT just those 70+ who are vulnerable. This virus is nasty, it can impact anyone and it kills.”

At the age of 39, Lawson is part of the demographic who perhaps were initially deemed not to be at threat. He is also not the first current or former sportsperson to suffer from the virus though, as 31-year-old former Olympic swimming champion Cameron van der Burgh has also suffered immensely.

The Scot also stressed that he is “never ill” and did not “feel vulnerable to Coronavirus at all”. However, he said that he is “now on day 9 of symptoms and struggling to shake it”.

The former Scotland captain described his symptoms in depth in his thread, explaining how he was “physically wiped” and his energy was at “rock bottom”. Amongst other things, he noted his loss of taste and smell.

He said that he is hoping to be back to normal by the weekend, although his energy was still at 50-60 per cent yesterday, and that his cough remained.

This may be an eye opener for some, as it is an indication that a broad spectrum of people can suffer from coronavirus in extreme ways.

This is the full thread of his experience with the virus:


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