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Chilling video of missing Rugby player Levi Davis revisited

A promising young rugby player who dabbled in reality television, 24-year-old Levi Davis had the world at his feet.


On October 29th, 2022, the former Bath player was in Barcelona, having just arrived in the Catalan city following eight days in Ibiza.

Travelling to the Mediterranean Island “To chill” following several setbacks in his rugby career, namely injuries. It would be here on October 25th where Davis would post a chilling revelation on his personal Instagram account.

Starting the video, Davis said: “Hello, my name is Levi Davis, and my life is in danger.”

Whilst this statement alone cut to the bone, causing grave concerns about his immediate welfare, the details Davis would go into felt like something out of a Hollywood hostage film.

Reaching out to those in his life, speaking slowly and clearly, Davis went on to say, “This is a call to my friends from school, university and my colleagues in rugby.

“This is a story about police corruption and government corruption, and also organised crime.


“I ask, no, I beg that you share but that you listen and try to understand what I am telling you.”

Having clearly outlined the imminent danger he was feeling, Davis began to explain how the situation he now found himself in began.

“This all began in London. After the X-Factor, I had many new friends and many old ones. Who started when I was speaking with a friend, what I would now call an acquaintance.

“It is important for you to know that I am a personable guy; I believe I am humble and will speak to anybody. I didn’t use to have a guard up, but for reasons I am about to tell you, I have not been myself for a very long-time.


“Three years ago, I came off the celebrity X-Factor, and I met many new people and one of which who I will not name. We began a relationship which became a friend which was formed through music.”

Davis would go on to explain in grim details how this newfound friend would exploit him in a telling moment that offers an insight into what may have led to his disappearance.

“Many times, we had met, but on the last occasion, I was drugged, and I was blackmailed. After this, I appealed to my club for help, and I appealed to my agent for advice.

“I do not blame anyone for this, as we are all an aggregate of our own decisions. However, the response I got was one that my agent advised would be best to resign as he believed the club were going to fire me.

“After I asked them for help, I believed I was being filmed doing sexual acts after I was drugged, which many would call rape. And by law, we would call it rape.”

Clearly, these accusations could not be taken lightly; at the time, the then 24-year-old had signed for Championship side Ealing Trailfinders from Premiership side Bath Rugby.

Speaking at the time of his signing, Davis said, per the Ealing Trailfinders website: “I’m massively excited to have signed for Ealing Trailfinders. I came here for a short loan spell and enjoyed the culture, the success, and the quality of personnel. It’s clear that the club have massive ambition, so it made absolute sense to me as I have big ambition too.”

Thus, it would appear in the video he was talking about the West London club without ever mentioning them by name.

As he touches upon in his statement about joining the club, Davis had spent the previous season on a short loan from Bath.

His release from Bath was based purely for rugby reasons, with the club saying they supported his time on the X-Factor, during which time he performed as part of a group with former England international Ben Foden and former Scotland international Thom Evans.

Whilst the club supported Davis’s decision to compete on the reality show, several teammates were less keen on the idea of a then 22-year-old splitting his focus between the sport and another career.

Bearing in mind, Davis had just made his debut for the Bath first team, the decision to feature on Simon Cowell’s show was at odds with what many would expect from a burgeoning star.

One such player who advised Davis from splitting his focus was former England winger Tom Varndell who was a mentor and supporter of Davis.

“I could understand the reason for Ben Foden and Thom Evans doing it because they’d effectively come to the end of their rugby careers. But Levi was still only 22. For me, as a player, you’d think your focus would be on playing, but Levi obviously wanted something different. He’s a brilliant singer, and music is a huge passion for him, but you go on to a massive show, and of course, it’s going to be a distraction.” Varndell said.

During this period, Davis would become the first openly LGBQT+ professional rugby in a moment that would be regarded as a landmark announcement for the sport.


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Whilst Davis clearly states he spoke to the club that he was facing challenges, he felt the support was not there by saying: “After this and a lack of support, I was not myself, I was searching for belonging, I was searching for help.

“I went to the police, and I asked them can you help me? I did not understand the full picture at that time. All I knew was something was happening to me, and it was not good.”

In addition to reportedly speaking with the police, Davis said he consulted with friends and family about the predicament he now found himself in.

“On many occasions, I went to my family and my friends, who also did not understand what was going on. They pleaded with me to find evidence which I went on a mission to try and find.

“Many a night was spent wandering the streets of London and wandering the streets of Birmingham.

Pausing and taking a deep breath whilst clearly holding back tears, Davis continued, “You may ask, why would you not just stay away from individuals who wish you harm?

“And that is what I tried to do by starting a new life in Australia. But what happened was I was followed there also.

“What I need you to understand is with organised crime, it is not one person. It’s an aggregate of people, people that you do not know. People that get into your life by whatever means possible.

Going into specifics on what he believes was going to surface as a means to blackmail him, Davis said, “In Australia, I had many a good memory because after I was hooked on drugs and after I believe what I believe to have been filmed on the dark web.
“Videos of me in compromising positions and the blackmail that followed me.

“After that, I came back because I realised that the only way through this was by understanding the full picture myself.”

Upon his return to the UK, Davis said he confronted one of the people who were involved with the alleged blackmailing he was battling.

“After I went back to one of these people to conform to their demands.

“I was told by them in ways which are not direct but are absolutely true. If I said anything, they were going to attempt to kill me and threaten my family, and they are trying to frame me.

“This was followed by many attempts of gaslighting and threats. I have had enough.

“So I am here to appeal to you to share this.”

Following his appeal for people to share the video, Davis details his alleged discussions with the police.

“The information that I gave to the police went directly back to these individuals. I understand that the police is full of good people trying to do their job.

“But there, I also understand that there is a large amount of police corruption, and the only way that these people would have had access to my private interviews with the police is through it being leaked.

“They also, to my knowledge, had access to my medical records as they have reiterated things to me that only I have had conversations with the NHS.”

Detailing the lengths to which he alleges the individuals campaigning his downfall had gone to, Davis says they had interfered with his medical treatment.

“I was gaslighted into thinking I had psychosis when many of the things I said are actually true. I believe this because I was looking for an understanding of a puzzle I could not put together.”

Pausing to gather himself, Davis spoke of the support of his family and friends, saying, “My family, my friends, I thank you for being there even when you didn’t understand what was wrong with me.”

In perhaps the most harrowing moment of the video, Davis would further appeal for help as he once again stated his life was in danger.

“But I am now not safe; by doing this, I am not safe. I try not to put individuals’ names in this, but I try to be as vague as possible through fear of retaliation.”

Suggesting that there was a wider motive by the individuals to target other people in addition to Davis, he would go on to say: “However, I understand that I am not the only one who this is happening to and has happened to.

“They have openly said to me that they will try and frame me with the videos that they have of me and with the individuals they have inserted into my life.”

For the first time in the now ten minutes into the video, Davis elevates his voice in a clear move away from the controlled yet terrified manner. Suggesting that there are more individuals involved with this conspiracy against him than even he is aware of.

Whilst the video makes for chilling viewing, his subsequent disappearance and the removal of the video from his Instagram account began a truly terrifying mystery for all those involved with him.

Since his disappearance in late October, there have been several appeals for information in relation to his disappearance. Should anyone have information on this matter, they are urged to contact the Spanish police.


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