Monday Apr 25, 2011 Delon Armitage's sneaky punch on Stephen Myler

Delon Armitage's sneaky punch on Stephen Myler

Delon Armitage's sneaky punch on Stephen Myler

Delon Armitage appears to have let himself down again with another misdemeanour that will more than likely result in him spending more time out of the game. It took place during Northampton Saints’ 26-20 win over London Irish.

Armitage missed England’s Six Nations following an altercation with a doping officer that led to a eight week suspension. Against Northampton Saints this past weekend, the former England fullback looked to have swung a fist at flyhalf Stephen Myler, catching him in the face.

It was late in the game and it’s hard to know what prompted it, other than possible frustration, but it wasn’t picked up by the ref or touchjudge, and even the commentators missed it. The tv cameras didn’t though, as it was clear to see for those watching at home.

If he is cited and suspended, the chances are that it could range from the low-end offence punishment of two weeks, right up to eight weeks for a top-end offence. His disciplinary record won’t do him any favours though, so you’d think even a low-end offence might be hiked up.

At this stage it’s unclear if he will actually even be cited or not, but many of you pointed this out as something you’d like highlighted and shown again, so here it is. What’s your take on it?

Update 03/05/2011: Armitage has now been suspended for three weeks. 

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