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Tuesday Apr 2, 2019

Fans show fears over increase in simulation in rugby after exaggerated Tadhg Beirne dive

Fans show fears over increase in simulation in rugby after exaggerated Tadhg Beirne dive

The weekend’s rugby provided a lot of topics for debate, none more so that Munster’s winner against Edinburgh at Murrayfield. The European giants had a penalty against them reversed, after Edinburgh prop Pierre Schoeman made contact with Tadhg Beirne off the ball.

From what could have been a chance for Richard Cockerill’s side to extend their lead, Munster took advantage, and Keith Earls eventually scored the match-winning try.

However, Beirne’s theatrics have come under some heavy criticism in the wake of the game on social media, as the Irish second-row seemed to go down with minimal contact. Worse still, he remained down, drawing attention to what had happened, and went on to finish the game.

As expected, many fans and players were disappointed by these antics, as David Flatman even called for the lock to apologise.

Fans have shown their support for what Flatman said, as diving is becoming more commonplace in rugby. This is what the fans have been saying:

Of course, not many people are arguing that this was not a penalty, as after all, this was a needless and unwarranted dig by Schoeman off the ball. However, while many fans will oppose what Schoeman did, many more will have a problem with Beirne’s antics to milk a penalty.

That is what makes this a peculiar circumstance, as the referee was right to award Munster a penalty, but equally Beirne should be admonished for what he did.

“If he’s your team-mate, you go ‘thanks for milking us the penalty’ and if you are looking from outside you go ‘come on, get up’ and in the words of Nigel Owens, ‘this isn’t soccer, lads’,” said Brian O’Driscoll on Monday’s Off The Ball.

Rugby has always seemed to pride itself as being immune from acts of cheating like this, but it is undeniable that it is becoming more and more prominent, particularly with the availability of the TMO. Obviously, football receives a fair amount of criticism for the frequency of diving, and many will be desperate to prevent rugby going down the same road.


  • 45678
    8:14 PM 03/04/2019

    I’ve commented a few times on here that the Irish have been very visible in appealing for every decision in recent months for both provinces and the national side. Cynical professionalism and it is learnt behaviour. Coaching to blameThere are 2 yellow cards here, but a reversal gives a pen back to Edinburgh?

  • colombes
    10:50 AM 03/04/2019

    Rugby again missed an occasion to punish this kind of stuff. Amused to listen the irish pundits pointing it with a "smile", be assured the tone would have been slightly different if the diver would have been french, argie or italian.

    • Thud
      3:55 AM 06/04/2019
      Top Comment

      Agree. Seriously, this is very typical of Irish pundits and fans. Screetching and moaning at even the most imaginary offense against them, and totally excusing themselves on anything ike this.

    • rugbydump
      4:10 PM 03/04/2019

      Those are all great football nations, so you can imagine they would have been easy targets. There are a large amount of Munster fans justifying it by blaming Schoeman's 'big' shoulder too. As a neutral, it's fascinating to see how different fans from each side react.

  • danknapp
    8:48 AM 03/04/2019

    It's more than disappointing. He embarrassed himself. He was trying to get the other guy a yellow and should have got the same himself. It's not always obvious whether something is a dive or not, but this was clear as day. Card him, get him off for ten minutes, and send a lesson to other players. Opportunity missed.

    • rugbydump
      10:14 AM 03/04/2019

      The wrath of social media has probably given him a bit of a lesson, and his teammates apparently, but yeah it's a pity it wasn't picked up. Not nice to see!


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Fans show fears over increase in simulation in rugby after exaggerated Tadhg Beirne dive | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos