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Wednesday May 15, 2013

Midweek Madness - The Top Five Best Game-Day Entertainment Showings Ever

Midweek Madness - The Top Five Best Game-Day Entertainment Showings Ever

Rugby HQ’s Top Five’s are back and today as part of our Midweek Madness slot we’re looking at their choice of the best ever unique, weird and wonderful pieces of game-day entertainment. You may have seen before, but most will be a first!

What we’ve done again this week is show you the other five that didn’t quite make the cut, as Sean Maloney and the crew at Fox Sports were kind enough to share those too.

The Sharks girls were a shoo-in, but there’s also some crazy fireworks, a parachutist getting caught on the crossbar (yes, you read correctly), and Jonah Lomu, er.. dancing?

You can see all of that and more on page two. If haven’t noticed yet, we’ve now also given you the ability to view all pages as one, so simply click ‘View All‘ when you see the option below a video.

In the Top Five this week there are some cheerleaders that were deemed too sexy, there’s push ups on the ground and on surfboards, and there’s chaos in Dunedin as the Highlanders’ famous warrior mascot threw his weight about to protect a little person.

There’s also a half naked lady presenting the match ball in Paris (see related posts for full video).

View the hysterical numbers 6 -10 that didn’t make the Top 5

#10 – The Selwyn Ballet in Dunedin before last year’s NZ vs SA Test

#9 – Jonah Lomu showing his rhythm at the RWC 2011 opening ceremony

#8 – Sharks v Reds in Durban in 2002, and things going slightly wrong prematch

#7 – Almighty fireworks for a Chiefs game in Pukekohe last season

#6 – The Sharks cheerleaders, some of the best in the business.

Credit and thanks to RugbyHQ, on Thursday nights at 8:30pm on Fox Sports 1 in Australia


  • macmurchu
    1:58 PM 16/05/2013

    Lomu's got some serious moves. And I was expecting that Sharks cheerleaders clip to be waaaaay longer!

  • danknapp
    11:06 AM 16/05/2013

    Good to see the big man trying to look after his mate. What a bunch of dicks. Hope that forearm to the face hurt.

  • stroudos
    11:14 PM 15/05/2013

    What on earth is going on in that Highlanders episode with the weeman?!?


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