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Wednesday Dec 9, 2015

Rugbydump Training: Technique vs Lifting Heavy

Rugbydump Training: Technique vs Lifting Heavy

Do you separate technique with lifting heavy, or do the two go hand in hand? Today Rugby Strength Academy trainer, Kevin, looks at some tips on how to get the most out of your heavy lifting, and whether you should sacrifice a bit of technique for weight, or not at all.

For me, I am a stickler for technique! One of the golden rules for an S&C Coach is:

Reduce the possibility of injury. So what is the point in doing all this gym work, to physically prepare you for the rigours of the game, when you are getting injured in the gym?!

My belief is your technique should look exactly the same whether you are lifting 10kg or 200kg.  

Yes the pressure on the system at 200kg may well force you to work harder but that technique should never change dramatically, and probably the biggest cause of injury in the weight room is poor technique, ESPECIALLY when people stack kg’s on!

So what can you do to help ensure your technique is tight?

  • Ensure you have completed a thorough and progressive warm up
  • Ensure you have full range of motion and are not restricited in any way
  • Perform progressive warm up sets
  • During these warm up sets try pausing at different points in the lift, this will give an indication of control and technical flaws
  • Have someone video your set, each rep should look good, not just the first
  • Focus on one or two main coaching points 

Use this mantra to ensure you are progressing safely

  • Own the mechanics before loading
  • Own the load before progressing
  • Own the progression before progressing

Wishing you happy, safe lifting!


Meet Coach Kevin

Kevin Shattock is a professional rugby strength & conditioning coach from Yorkshire, England.

He began his career as a fitness instructor in the Royal Air Force. After receiving the Queen’s Commendation award, he left military life and the United Kingdom. He spent his next years training mountain climbers in the Himalayas.

After returning home to the UK, Kevin became a strength & conditioning coach and developed High Intensity Rugby Training to assist talented players achieve elite performance.

Kevin is one of our Rugbydump Strength Academy trainers and we’re lucky to have him on board.


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