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Tuesday Sep 16, 2014

Step and unbelievable dummy sets up great try for Arkansas State University

Step and unbelievable dummy sets up great try for Arkansas State University

We don’t often feature non-professional rugby on the homepage, but when we do, it’s usually quite special. This dummy from Mike Baska of Arkansas State University is off the charts in terms of audaciousness, and of course, execution.

The footage has gone viral in a big way, with the original youtube video (below) as well as other rips of it being shared on social media this week, racking up thousands of views.

Scrumhalf Baska, playing against the University of Arkansas, dummied Joshua Nearman who switched inside nicely, then found him again before getting taken out by the covering defence.

What was as impressive as the little show of the ball then loop-de-loop dummy was that Baska kept his head to find Nearman with the inside ball, so the try was scored.

As we’ve been saying for years, get your matches filmed, upload the clips and get sharing with us. Moments like this aren’t seen all too often so to have it captured on camera, priceless.

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Credit to ASU Ruggers for uploading


  • stubby
    3:58 AM 24/10/2014

    Just like the Titans' punter scoring a touchdown with a similar show of chicanery during a preseason game.

  • pyes
    7:53 AM 17/09/2014

    The guy got absolutely poleaxed for his troubles but that dummies goes into the top 5 of all time

  • 10stonenumber10
    4:26 PM 16/09/2014

    I've seen that outside break on the basketball court, never on a rugby pitch. That was maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

  • danknapp
    2:17 PM 16/09/2014

    Great to see this happening in the U. S. of A. A country with a huge love of sports, it would be great for the game for them to get really excited about the sport. This is a great piece of skill. I dread to think what would have happened if the tackler had actually put the hit in, because that ball would have gone ANYWHERE. But that's the beauty of this sort of play, it's all about the gamble!

  • xenophile
    1:55 PM 16/09/2014

    Great show of skills - great to see that kind of enterprise coming from the Rugby hotbed of Arkansas in middle 'Merica.


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Step and unbelievable dummy sets up great try for Arkansas State University | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos