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Friday Aug 30, 2013

The great Jonah Lomu's Bledisloe Cup Memories

The great Jonah Lomu's Bledisloe Cup Memories

This excellent video was made by Sky Sport New Zealand and shown a few times on TV, over there and in the UK, ahead of the recent Bledisloe Cup matches. It features the great man Jonah Lomu speaking about his memories of Bledisloe Cup rugby.

The video is so much more than that though. In just a few minutes it takes us right back to where it all began for the big guy, his journey through international rugby, and him being struck down with a terrible condition that threatened to cripple his career.

In true Lomu style he soldiered on and continued to terrorise defences all over the planet.

While as it’s obvious at the end of the video that it’s meant as a promotion for the Bledisloe Cup, which the All Blacks have already wrapped up, this is a must see clip as it charts the progress and thoughts of one of the most significant rugby players to have ever played the game.

It’s also really inspiring and will no doubt get you wanting to throw the jersey and boots on and get out there. So sit back and enjoy this quick look at the man that changed the game forever.

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  • reality
    10:53 PM 02/09/2013

    You don't have a link to it, do you?

  • 4lc4tr4z
    10:56 AM 31/08/2013

    Sorry : the english title is "Jonah : Anger Within" Here is the trailer :

  • totesmcgoates
    12:32 AM 31/08/2013

    Class act.

  • xenophile
    10:55 PM 30/08/2013

    Incredible video. One of the true legends of sport - not just rugby.


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