Wednesday Dec 20, 2017

WATCH: Giant Opeti Fonua's biggest hits

WATCH: Giant Opeti Fonua's biggest hits

Giant Tongan forward Opeti Fonua is moving back to former team Agen, the Newcastle Falcons confirmed. Fonua is widely regarded as one of the biggest forwards in rugby, and has claimed a number of victims over the years with his big ball carries. 

Fonua, as big as 150kg at one point, has reportedly slimmed down to somewhere around 130kg’s in recent times, but would still be considered one of the biggest forwards around. 

The Tongan powerhouse has made 13 first team appearances since joining the Newcastle Falcons from Leicester Tigers in 2016, but now moves back to France with immediate effect. 

“I would like to thank Opeti for all his hard work during his time with us and wish him all the best for his move to Agen,” said Newcastle Falcons director of rugby Dean Richards. 

Below are a number of his biggest moments, as featured on RD over the years. 

Opeti Fonua smashes through Chris Masoe in 2010

Jonny Wilkinson absolutely smashed by huge Opeti Fonua

Opeti Fonua puts referee Cedric Marchat on his backside

Fonua is also the size of a baby elephant 


  •  dancarter

    He's got a nice highlight reel but he rarely gave the Falcons a full 80 minutes.

  •  drg

    That Wilkinson clip is immense, he makes JW look like a small child, flings him away, one of the team mates seems to run to JW's aid as if to check he's alright, then when JW is down Fonua comes over to give him a pat... That's sort of sums up the greatness this game can be...


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