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Monday Sep 2, 2019

'Absolutely shocking' call as referee takes an age to award Georgia try

'Absolutely shocking' call as referee takes an age to award Georgia try

French referee *Pascal Gauzere was criticised after taking more than 10 seconds to award a try to Georgia without using the TMO.

Gauzere was officiating Georgia and Scotland in Tbilisi and in the second half Karlen Asieshvili crashed over the try line to score Georgia’s only try of the game.

The referee spent a long time pulling players out of the way trying to get a visual of the ball on the line and he was actually pushed to the ground by WP Nel in the process.

“You cannot do that, that’s absolutely shocking,” said one Scottish commentator.

“He pretty much let him play the ball on the floor for 20 seconds to then potentially force it into a position where it would be given a try. You should go up to the TMO, that’s absolutely shocking.”

Scotland beat Georgia 10-44 in their penultimate World Cup warm up game and both teams will meet again in the reverse picture next weekend at Murrayfield.

*Apologies to referee Mathieu Raynal, who was originally mentioned in this article

Full match highlights are available below:


  •  dsteyn-dwgmail-com
    6:53 AM 03/09/2019

    In my opinion this is where the NFL trumps rugby, just get the ball over the line (without both knees touching the ground I think) and touchdown. We're wasting way too much time on TMOs and there's been way too many tries that were allowed or denied because of a blade of grass, a knock on that was or wasn't or if the TMO could spot the ball while everyone jumps on the ruck, not to contest for the ball, but to block any view of a fair grounding of the ball. 

    •  nedkelly
      3:33 AM 04/09/2019

      I don't really see this as "shocking" even if it's a bad call. First off, he fell and likely lost sight of an initial hold-up or score. If a grounding occurred after all that then it's a bad call, but shocking? We're not exactly getting a good look at what he's seeing. As for the NFL, NOTHING they do trumps ANYTHING in rugby. The longest TMO I've seen in rugby is twice as fast AND decisive as the shortest NFL instant replay. And there's no extra clown-show either with theatrics of "under the hood," bumbling explanations and sometimes still getting it wrong. You've got to be kidding me with this assertion. Neil is right - the pylon, the plane, the nose of the ball, forward progress, ugh! It's like when deciding on rules in football they ask "what works well in rugby?" And then they just do the opposite. Grounding is essential in rugby. Can't get more fundamental than that. And you can't get more mental than calling a score a "touch down" without touching it down.

    •  neilsspencegmail-com
      9:52 AM 03/09/2019
      Top Comment

      NFL still has loads of contentious decisions on whether the ball has passed the plane or was a player grounded / in control of the ball etc Don't think this would solve it. Refs just need to not do the above as that was ridiculous


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