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Tuesday Feb 19, 2013

Alfie To'oala superman tackle and Ed Williamson flying clearout

Alfie To'oala superman tackle and Ed Williamson flying clearout

Last week we shared a clip of a huge Mike Tindall clearout in the Premiership. About a month back something similar happened in France, so here is a look at that, as well as another questionable incident from the same game.

The match in question was Stade Francais vs London Welsh in Round 6 of the Amlin Challenge Cup, a game that was won 39-17 by the hosts after six tries were scored. Two yellow cards to London Welsh helped matters, and there could well have been a third.

The first was for a breakdown infringement as Stade Francais attacked the tryline, but the second came about from what could be described as a high, late and flying tackle by big Alfie To’oala.

Paul Warwick was the unfortunate flyhalf on the receiving end of it, and To’oala was shown yellow.

Later in the game the level of crazy stepped up a bit as To’oala’s replacement, Ed Williamson, flew over the top of a ruck to clear out an opposition player. He was lucky to only be penalised.

While you may judge the man based on this quick bit of foul play, he actually spoke recently about a softer side, and his passion for art and painting. “It’s good for me because I’m quite an aggressive player and it calms me down a little bit. It’s a good release,” he said.

“I like big scenes, big landscapes, expressive colours. If you spoke to my mum she’d tell you that I’ve always been fascinated with sunsets – the way the light can hit clouds and create such magnificent colours.

“On the side, I really enjoy doing detailed pencil sketches,” the burly loose forward added.

To view some of Ed’s artwork, check out the Ed Williamson Artwork Facebook page


  • atomicclock
    2:00 AM 02/03/2013

    Can see what you mean but don't quite agree - I'd much rather someone flew into me like that over the top of the ruck than smash me with my head down etc., especially since it's just likely to knock me on my back. I did think Bakkies was poorly treated there though - nothing wrong with what he did just how much power he can put into it, but I worry how big an injury you could get from that!

  • drg
    12:47 PM 20/02/2013

    Might cause the referee a horrendous injury eh browner ;)

  • browner
    2:41 AM 20/02/2013

    I'd YC the second player, if not for the 10.4 [h] offence, but for patting the referee twice. Stop this now ! !

  • drg
    10:00 PM 19/02/2013

    Not sure about the ruling on the second offence. It looks like something that would be illegal, but the guy did use his arms..

  • themull
    8:56 PM 19/02/2013

    Deserved a yellow for first hit, late with no attempt to wrap or use the arms...However there's no need for a citing or a ban imo.. Regarding the second incident I'm pretty sure there's a rule which means that as a ball carrier you're not allowed to jump into an oncoming tackler..but I dunno about jumping into rucks etc.. then again he made no use to bind and he made no attempt to stay on his feet so the penalty and probably more might have been deserved... I really don't know the specifics of the rule book so correct me if I'm wrong...

  • reality
    8:00 PM 19/02/2013

    Ahah, that second one was amazing. It was like something you'd see in an action movie. Thank God it wasn't the first guy that did it though, because he would have destroyed the French player doing that.

  • usedtoworkchicago
    7:49 PM 19/02/2013

    Ref said 'charge in with the shoulder' to the AR, so I'd guess he was penalising for: "10.4 Dangerous play and misconduct: (h) A player must not charge into a ruck or maul. Charging includes any contact made without use of the arms, or without grasping a player."

  • atilla
    7:42 PM 19/02/2013

    He did use his arms, but his feet are of the ground. ;-)

  • number11
    7:27 PM 19/02/2013

    what's the ruling against the second offence, should he not be air-born or is it that he didn't use his arms?


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