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Tuesday Aug 9, 2016

Australia's Women claim historic Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics

Australia's Women claim historic Gold Medal at the Rio Olympics

The Australian Women’s 7s team have made history by becoming the first team to win Olympic Gold in Rugby 7s, after beating New Zealand 24-17 in the final in Rio last night. New Zealand, whose star player Portia Woodman had an awful time, took Silver while Canada, who were outstanding against Great Britain, deservedly got Bronze.

It’s the first time that medals have been awarded for rugby in 92 years, since the USA won rugby Gold in fifteens in 1924. Rugby’s profile, and particularly the Women’s game, took massive strides forward as we witnessed an entertaining final day with some thrilling play, and intense physicality.

The top two teams in the world made the final and after New Zealand started well, Australia bounced back, with the likes of Charlotte Caslick leading the way with some superb play.

The Silver medalists scored consolation tries but it was all Australia, storming to Gold after at one stage leading by a thoroughly convincing 24-5.

It was an emotional finish for the New Zealand team, who acknowledged their supporters with a tearful Haka after the game.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment for a very long time,” said New Zealand captain Sarah Goss.

“I’ve always wanted to represent New Zealand at an Olympic Games and to do it at rugby sevens was a goal of mine. Just to be out there playing and advocating women’s rugby is very special to me and I can’t wait to see how far it grows going into Tokyo (in 2020).”

Australian co-captain Shannon Parry meanwhile was still taking it all in.

“When I started the game women’s rugby in Australia wasn’t very big and it was very much a minority sport. To think eight years down the track I’m now an Olympian, I play rugby as a full-time job.

“I just think how far the game has gone but also I look to the future and think what are the future opportunities that I’ll have?”

The ladies spoke at a function following the match, still on cloud nine with they’ve achieved.

As rugby sevens continues to grow due to it’s fast paced action and incredible skill, the likes of actor Matthew McConaughey, known to be a huge sports fan, are taking notice.

He was there to watch the games, and also met with some of the players.


  • larry
    9:15 PM 12/08/2016

    Okay, so I guess it's okay to comment on 'looks.' Great Britain won the gold for that.

  • breakaway
    5:46 AM 11/08/2016

    I'm no expert on this, but there are several types of haka for different occasions; battles, funerals, welcomes and various celebrations. People are mostly familiar with the pre-battle haka, but there are others in which women participate, or in fact are specifically for women, such as the Ka Panapa welcome haka. I believe that even the traditional battle haka could involve women as observers whose verdict on the quality of the men's haka would influence the decision about whether to go into battle at that time. So no, there's no issue. Women have always been involved in the haka.

  • misterdavid
    11:05 PM 10/08/2016

    Question for the Kiwis on here: My understanding was that it is culturally inappropriate for women to perform a haka (since their role is different in powhiris etc.) and I see them doing do here. Is this a live issue in NZ, or has it been settled now?

  • iluvyomumma
    7:57 AM 10/08/2016

    Big fan of Charlotte Caslick. Unbelievable feet and gorgeous too

  • larry
    6:46 PM 09/08/2016

    I saw some of the women's matches on NBC Sports and CNBC and MSNBC. I did leave the TV set briefly, but I do not believe the Haka was shown prior to the kickoff. Love it that Australia beat New Zealand. I could also take to heart that the New Zealand player, Portia Woodman, who committed the intentional knock on that led to her yellow card, really took the loss personally at the end of the match. It's too bad that Great Britain didn't do well in that semi final. So, it's on to the men's competition, and great that Japan beat New Zealand today!


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