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Thursday Feb 23, 2017

Awkward discussions eliminated with new SANZAAR Super Rugby TMO Protocol

Awkward discussions eliminated with new SANZAAR Super Rugby TMO Protocol

As Super Rugby starts up again, SANZAAR announced recently that it has made an amendment to the Television Match Official (TMO) protocol for the 2017 Super Rugby season. Here is a quick explanation of what is different for this year’s tournament. 
The amendment reflects the emerging technology that is now available in terms of the number of camera angles and the use of split-screen television software.

Plus SANZAAR’s desire to tighten the process and make it more accurate, more efficient and to reduce the time taken for the decision-making process. So what is different in 2017?
Should the referee or one of his team (Assistant Referees or TMO), wish to initiate a review of a decision (via replay by the TMO), the referee will first state to the TMO his “on-field decision” based on his real-time view.

The TMO will then review the given incident accordingly based on the referee’s assessment.
The TMO must be persuaded that the evidence is compelling before proving the on-field referee’s call wrong, and therefore overturning the call.
‘What’ can be referred for review remains the same as the World Rugby Protocol (no change). The “two phases back only” protocol still stands.
The only exception to this process is in the case of a potential foul play incident. The referee can choose to review the incident on the big screen (or request the TMO to review it if the replay screen is of poor quality) with no “on-field decision” prior to the review.
Commenting on the new protocol SANZAAR CEO Andy Marinos said, “The general consensus is that with the new technology and the protocol of a definitive “on-field call”, time is saved and the awkward conversation between referee and TMO that occurs from time to time is eliminated.”
“SANZAAR is confident this will enhance the fan’s match experience. This also aligns our sport’s process with that of almost all the other high performance sports, which use a television replay protocol.
“In summary, this protocol change makes the process clean and efficient and places accountability for an “on-field call” in the hands of the referee and a review of that decision in the hands of the TMO,” added Marinos.


  • 8:42 PM 24/02/2017

    Maybe there should also be a protocol to punish TMOs who get straight forward decisions wrong. I know referees sometimes get it wrong as things happen in real time. But when you have super slowmo HD replays from different angles and still get a decision wrong, somebody needs to be punished. For example, Kerevi's 2nd try for the Reds against the Sharks today was an obvious double movement but the TMO still saw no reason to not allow the try.

  • drg
    2:23 PM 24/02/2017

    Maybe they write the laws, Nigel Owens reads them, then does his own thing and they all turn around and go "hmmm ya know what, ol' Nige is right again, better change the laws to what he said..."

  • stroudos
    8:36 AM 24/02/2017

    I thought this was already the protocol. I distinctly remember Nigel Owens requesting help from the TMO then sticking with his own decision, even if it differed from the TMO's opinion. I'm sure he's done that a number of times, and other refs too.


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