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Monday Aug 8, 2016

Ben May and Loni Uhila warned for flipping Warren Whiteley in lineout

Ben May and Loni Uhila warned for flipping Warren Whiteley in lineout

Hurricanes forwards Ben May and Loni Uhila have been issued Citing Commissioner Warnings for dangerously taking out Lions skipper Warren Whiteley in the lineout during the Super Rugby final on Saturday. The Hurricanes won the match 20-3 for their first ever Super Rugby title.

Whiteley went up for a lineout and before he had returned safely to the ground, the front rowers drove through, causing him to flip and land in a manner similar to that of a tip-tackle.

Both players were warned for contravening Law 10.4(i) Tackling the jumper in the air at a line out.

A Citing Commissioner Warning can be issued by the SANZAAR Citing Commissioner for foul play incidents that are very close to, but in his opinion do not meet, the Red Card threshold for citings.

After reviewing the match footage, the Citing Commissioner deemed a warning was appropriate.


  • drg
    7:33 PM 08/08/2016

    Surprising there was no card/cards/bans....

  • 45678
    6:01 PM 08/08/2016

    The problem is made worse because the canes players have not even bothered to notice that the ball is shifted to the front pod, so there was not going to be a maul in the middle of the line out - I.e. Tackling a player in the air without the ball! The lions lifters held the jumper up for longer to commit the defenders, so I wonder if you can justify the early drive? But you cannot take a jumper out before their feet touch the floor If the duty of care / reckless / whatever rule applies then this is as bad as any fullback being taken out in the air As a former lock, this is the worst fear of jumping in the line out and why good lifters are so important (have to give the props some credit...) Should be a citing in my view

  • moo
    2:09 PM 08/08/2016

    Strange one this. If it were a tackle in open play, it would be the norm for bans here and probably yellow / red card during the game? But at a lineout, nothing? It also looks like a pre-planned (and coached) defensive move to take out the lifters and stop the drive. Granted, this is not uncommon, though mostly more subtle than here. Surely the degree of premeditation makes it worse than, say, making contact with a player jumping for a high ball?


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