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Sunday Aug 11, 2013

Ben Tameifuna's hits vs the Brumbies in the Super Rugby final

Ben Tameifuna's hits vs the Brumbies in the Super Rugby final

Big Ben Tamiefuna was prominent in the spine-tingling Chiefs Haka after their Super Rugby victory, but during the match he made his mark in a few other ways. The giant prop smashed a few backs, some perhaps illegally, and it was brutal to watch.

Many of you wanted to see the clips again though so here is a short compilation that features three of the standout big impacts he made.

While Tameifuna has been known to put the shoulder in, Australian commentator Rod Kafer for one thought that the hits were okay, specifically the one on Tevita Kuridrani.

“The collisions have been special. Nothing wrong with that hit. He got the arm out at the right moment. No problems at all. Great shot.” said former Brumbie Kafer.

“Kuridrani soaked it up. Big man on… not as big a man. And whack, didn’t he feel it! Tevita Kuridrani will put that one in his scrapbook.”

Poor old George Smith and Henry Speight also felt the full weight of the young tighthead, sometimes without the ball, but it’s great to see the big guy getting around the park and making his precence felt. Look out for more of the same as he features in the ITM Cup this season.

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  • drg
    2:15 PM 14/08/2013

    Same old story, I think when you see a forward (especially a prop) putting in hits, they naturally look less refined than big back tackles... So it's common to automatically think something is awry. I too thought, "is this just a monster throwing his weight around needlessly?" But really, had he been a back who had less impact on the opposition no one would question any legalities... No quarrels from me on any of them. Interesting video, thanks RD.

  • jmehrtens
    10:55 AM 14/08/2013

    Almost caught it doesn't make it legal. That would be an early tackle, man without the ball. But Speight touched it, that is the difference. It seemed to me Smith did catch the ball and therefore it shouldn't have been obstruction. The tackle in any case was ok.

  • matt
    6:09 PM 13/08/2013

    It's not so much that he was playing where he thought it was going, but he was playing where the ball was when he committed to the tackle. In the first tackle Speight almost caught it, and if he had caught it, and BT had waited until then to make a tackle, he would have been through the line and long gone, the fact that he dropped in a fraction of a second before being hit is not BT's problem. The second one, for all he knew Smith had the ball, and the fact that he didnt makes it Smith's fault for being in front of the ball carrier.

  • matt
    6:06 PM 13/08/2013

    I think all the tackles were fine, perhaps one of the best ways to tell this is from the total lack of reaction from the opposition, unfortunately it doesn't always work in reverse, but normally if no one cares, then the tackle was fine.

  • 10:58 AM 13/08/2013

    The last one the guy he did tackle was between him and the ball carrier, hence the penalty for crossing. No penalty against tamiefuna since the crossing infringement caused the off the ball tackle. The first tackle the guy had the ball very briefly, which is when he committed to the tackle, you see his head go down. That was enough to make him drop the ball

  • rugbydump
    7:47 AM 13/08/2013

    Well played. Mark Andrews nailed by Dan Hyde in 2004 Barbarians game

  • 9:04 PM 12/08/2013

    I disagree in both hits he was playing where he thought the ball was going. He pulled out slightly on the first one after he realized he didn't need to commit. But weighing the same as vw bug, it still creates a huge impact

  • cheyanqui
    3:25 PM 12/08/2013

    George Smith doing his impression of Mark Andrews playing for the Barbos

  • facepalm
    9:35 AM 12/08/2013

    Or a massive, lead filled space hopper.

  • hendogo
    9:16 AM 12/08/2013

    Whoever flung that last pass should of bought beers for Mr. Smith.

  • stroudos
    8:24 PM 11/08/2013

    I have never seen a human being quite so spherical. Must be like getting hit by a demolition ball.


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