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Tuesday May 7, 2013

Bhubesi Pride 2013 - Project Update 2 from Africa

Bhubesi Pride 2013 - Project Update 2 from Africa

Bhubesi Pride have just left Malawi after a fantastic few days held at one of the partner schools, where Mzumanzi joined Mngwangwa for their first ever tournament. Recently the team released their latest inspiring project video, recapping the last few weeks.

The team are now in Zambia, but started out spreading their message and laying down foundations for sustainable change in Ethiopia and Kenya, and most recently, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Those are the countries that are featured in this excellent update video, which takes you through what it’s like to be on the road in Africa, coaching rugby to kids while working with the local adults and young leaders. Running competition days, building on their already expansive rugby network, and extending relations between partner schools are all on the agenda.

The Bhubesi Pride team, some of which first learned of the yearly initiative through Rugbydump’s involvement, have faced challenges along the way, especially in Rwanda, where heavy rainfall meant the roads were too treacherous for the 4×4 vehicles. It’s all part of the experience though.

Lloyd, who was lucky enough to head out there for two weeks, shared his thoughts on the trip in his blog post. “Even though the team work extremely hard 5 days a week, this certainly is a trip of a lifetime and an experience that will stay with them forever.”

This latest project video below takes you through a special few weeks in the history of this remarkable project, one that has already changed many lives and spread the gospel of rugby to places that may never have had that opportunity in the past.

To find out more about the team, the vehicles used, and the itinerary, visit


  • browner
    5:18 PM 08/05/2013

    Oh no, not another country to kick Englands Arses in the World 7's in 10 years time !

  • upthelowend
    11:39 PM 07/05/2013

    Thats just awesome! Love to see it dude.


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