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Tuesday Jan 12, 2016

Brixham rugby player dives short of tryline then celebrates!

Brixham rugby player dives short of tryline then celebrates!

A Brixham rugby player commited the ultimate gaffe in a National League 3 South West match on Saturday. With the line in front of him, he dived to score a great try, got up to celebrate, then was confused when opposition players continued to tackle him.

In poor weather conditions, Brixham rugby club’s Tom McLean thought he had scored what might have been the winning try, but he had actually dived over the five metre line.

Club captain Adam Thomas told the Torquay Herald Express that it was the most bizarre thing he had ever seen on a rugby field.

“Tom thought he had scored, I thought he had scored and our supporters in the crowd thought he had scored too,” said Thomas. “We all started celebrating with Tom when he got up with the ball – then one of the Barnstaple lads went clattering into him.

“We stopped celebrating then and I thought it was going to turn nasty.

“Then, when we saw where the referee was and that play was carrying on, we worked out what happened and got on with the game.

“Tom had the mick ripped out of him on the bus back by his team-mates. It didn’t help that had he run or slid a couple more metres it really would have been a try.

“Barnstaple were 6-0 up at the time and that would have made it 6-5 with a kickable conversion to come, although in those conditions who knows if it would have gone over.

“No one blamed Tom for costing us the game though. He was won loads of games for us in the past with his tries – and I am sure he will win plenty more in future.”

Brixham ended up losing the match 6-0, so a converted try would have put them in front.

On the club’s website profile for the centre, it says he is known as ‘The Gift’, so perhaps that nickname will now take on another meaning.

credit: Brixham rugby club

Another angle, showing the intercept:


  • larry
    2:45 AM 31/01/2016

    That's extremely funny, and it's something that makes the game what it is, full of memories of all sorts of things that happen on the pitch, good, bad, and ugly. There are corner flags, for crissakes. And the five meter line is dashed as it should be. Maybe in his haste....and here in America, California, believe me, I've arrived at pitches to ref and seen traffic cones in place of corner flags, or 22 and halfway flags, and during a game they can be knocked over and not put back in the right place. And many times the rugby pitch is laid out over a soccer pitch, or a lacrosse field, and lines are going everywhere, sometimes different colors used to differentiate, and yet I have never seen someone dive in for a score five meters from a goal line!

  • eddie-g
    4:04 PM 12/01/2016

    Happened to me a school game. Opponents got a breakaway, and their winger did a textbook slide over the 22-metre line. Can't really remember what happened next, most of us were laughing pretty hard.


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Brixham rugby player dives short of tryline then celebrates! | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos