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Wednesday Apr 25, 2018

Conor Murray floors Virimi Vakatawa with one "punch"

Conor Murray floors Virimi Vakatawa with one

Things got a little heated for Conor Murray during Sunday’s Semi-final Champions Cup matchup between Munster and hosts Racing 92, with the scrum-half having successive altercations with both Marc Andreu and Virimi Vakatawa. 

Just after the start of the second half, both Murray and Andreu scrambled after a loose ball into touch. The winger had no intention of losing the ball and dived to retrieve it, taking Murray’s knees out in the process. He followed that up by wrapping Murray, only to be lifted and dumped to the gound.

Centre Virimi Vakatawa was there at just that moment and so also decided to get involved. In a situation that surely hasn’t made him look very professional, he then collapsed in a heap, and holding his face, after what can be best described as a shove from Murray.

This is the same Virimi Vakatawa who has put people into hospital after running them over. 

And just like that, within the span of 10 seconds, Conor Murray had two Racing players writhing on the ground in apparent shock and pain. 

Murray did, however, concede the penalty for foul play and referee JP Doyle was happy to let it go from there. Perhaps he was lucky to escape without more.

Maxime Machenaud also made Munster pay for the loss in composure with a successful penalty kick.

Teddy Thomas looked sharp in the 27-22 win, scoring two tries, then spurning a hat-trick by handing the ball to Machenaud after he had already easily crossed the line.

Racing will take on Leinster in the Champions Cup final.  

Credit: Top Rugby/Getty Images


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