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Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

Darragh Leader's 61m penalty kick wins the match for Connacht

Darragh Leader's 61m penalty kick wins the match for Connacht

This great moment comes from the Connacht Eagles game against Rotherham Titans at the Sportsground in Galway recently. We were hoping to get hold of longer footage, but have decided to post as is, as it’s a wonderful piece of piece of play from a young player.

In Round 2 of the British & Irish Cup, Connacht Eagles trailed 6-12 at the break but thanks to two tries in the second half, scored by Darragh Leader and Eoin Masterson, they found themselves in with a chance of victory.

With 60 seconds left in the match they were behind 24-25, but were awarded a penalty for a scrum infrigement inside their own 10m line. A shot at goal was the only option, so Leader stepped up to place the ball, attempting to steal a few inches in the process.

Watch carefully as he quite comically tries to move the ball forward not once, but twice, as referee Andrew Jackson prevents him from doing so and makes sure it gets placed in the correct spot.

Once settled, 20-year-old Leader confidentaly nailed the monster penalty that cruised through the uprights with meters to spare, and the Eagles won the match 27-25.

The clip comes from the Connacht digital team, not TV, so there is no commentary and it cuts out shortly after the kick unfortunately. Still, what a fantastic match winning kick.


  • 6:42 PM 02/11/2013

    I did the Jig of Delight just watching it in my living room.

  • browner
    11:58 PM 31/10/2013

    Gotta laugh at the forward [8?] who does a jig of delight - we've all been there matey ...!

  • rugbydump
    3:36 PM 31/10/2013

    Well spotted, thanks Roald.

  • connachtman
    12:15 PM 31/10/2013

    What a beauty!

  • roaldvandertempel
    10:18 PM 30/10/2013

    I reckon you guys ment 24-25 to make it a final score of 27-25. Unless penalty's over the half way line count for 4 point these days lol :) Nice kick though, bit off luck with the wind probely but still a very nice kick.

  • fastmongrel
    8:04 PM 30/10/2013

    If the kick had been into the usual hurricane blowing in off Galway Bay it would have fallen about 30m short


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Darragh Leader's 61m penalty kick wins the match for Connacht | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos