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Saturday Mar 16, 2019

England left red faced after stunning Scotland comeback - watch all the tries right here

England left red faced after stunning Scotland comeback - watch all the tries right here

Scotland scored six unanswered tries at Twickenham to retain the Calcutta Cup in one of the most amazing games of international rugby in recent history.

England led 31-7 at half time after showing some lovely counter attacking rugby from the backfield, but Scotland made an incredible comeback to take the lead in the 76th minute through a Sam Johnson try.

But a final try from replacement fly half George Ford spared English blushes in the last play of the game, which he converted to level the scores.

This was the highest scoring draw in international rugby history and concludes a remarkable day of Six Nations Rugby.

This draw means that England finished second in the Six Nations table with Scotland remaining in fifth and it was a game which will be remembered for a long, long time.


Rather than trying to describe the other nine tries from the game, it’s probably easier just to let you see them. Here they are in order (*UPDATE: Full highlights at the bottom, viewable globally):


  • colombes
    9:20 AM 18/03/2019

    I wonder what was the Eddie Jones team-talk at half-time. 

  • alasdairduncan3
    5:57 PM 17/03/2019

    You should use the Daly "keeping the ball in" highlight for the Friday Funnies.It obviously had no impact on the game as England went out 20 yards upfield, but the touch judge must be cringing looking back at that.

    • rugbydump
      12:10 PM 19/03/2019

      Do you recall when that was in the game? Timestamp if possible. Thanks

  • aberuggerman
    10:37 AM 17/03/2019

    Why "red faced"? because they should have won? why?

  • jimmy23
    10:01 AM 17/03/2019

    Who needs the regular stresses of life when you could be an England fan? I would say that was simultaneously the best and the worst we've played under Eddie. Yes, even including our shambolic 2018. I don't want to seem too dismissive of Scotland because they did play very well in the second half, but any team worth their salt should not be surrendering a 31 point lead. Not entirely sure how we're going to address this in time for the World Cup. 

  • thedoctor
    4:22 AM 17/03/2019

    And some people still compare Farrell and Wilkinson

  • 45678
    11:36 PM 16/03/2019
    Top Comment

    What a bonkers game of rugby


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England left red faced after stunning Scotland comeback - watch all the tries right here | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos