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Sunday Nov 3, 2019

Flatman angers Welsh fans with Twitter comments

Flatman angers Welsh fans with Twitter comments

Former England prop David Flatman sparked a Twitter debate over the behaviour of Welsh fans following Saturday’s World Cup final.

Flatman Tweeted that he was disappointed at the ‘childish vitriol’ of Welsh fans following England’s defeat to South Africa.

The ex-Bath player spoke on behalf of England fans saying that they “love Gats, AWJ and co” but seemed dejected that the support wasn’t mutual.

Off course this statement received some backlash from both Welsh and English fans.


  • dai154
    10:22 AM 04/11/2019
    Top Comment

    Sorry Flats, I am welsh living in England and the abuse and ribbing I get everytime wales play suggest it is just as bad the other way...BTW I was rooting for England

  • 45678
    5:11 PM 03/11/2019

    It’s safe to say 95% of rugby supporters from every country are decent. Unfortunately every country has nutjobs that grab attention and bait the rest. The British press don’t help the perception of the English, but the ABE crowd need to get a life when england losing is more important than their own team winning


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