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Thursday Dec 13, 2018

Football recruit from UCLA tries rugby, does this

Football recruit from UCLA tries rugby, does this

Here is a quick RD Blitz submission that came to us from a match in Los Angeles between UCLA Rugby and Loyola Marymount University. It features a huge tackle that drove the ball carrier back quite some distance. 

The game was a few weeks back at UCLA and on the field for the home side was big Sean Seawards, a recent recruit from Football. As you can see, he appears to be made for rugby.

And after a tackle like that, you’d think he will be giving rugby a go more regularly.

The Loyola hooker flew at least 5 meters, and thankfully, landed safely and didn’t appear to be injured.

With this kind of physical domination, UCLA won the contest 59-5.

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  • Timmy_donuts
    12:50 PM 21/12/2018

    There's a guy wearing protective glasses! hahahhahahahahaha only in America!!

  • danknapp
    8:36 AM 14/12/2018

    When/if the USA develops a stronger rugby culture and picks up more players from American Football they will be a player base to be reckoned with.They might not have the skills of the All Blacks, developed through being handed a rugby ball in the crib, but the physicality and athleticism they have on offer is mind-blowing.

    • pickay
      10:36 AM 14/12/2018

      Putting rugby on the map for the general public in the US will probably have to go through sevens though, where the USA already are a side to be reckoned with. Suits their athleticism and is easier to understand for newbies. They'd probably have to pick up an Olympic medal to really get some attention though.

  • im1
    9:57 PM 13/12/2018
    Top Comment

    +10 for the hit. -10000 for the man bun


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