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Thursday Jun 11, 2015

Former Wallaby Wendell Sailor breaks opponents arm in charity arm wrestle

Former Wallaby Wendell Sailor breaks opponents arm in charity arm wrestle

Former Wallabies winger Wendell Sailor has broken the arm of fellow former NRL player, Ben Ross, on live TV during the rugby league show, The Footy Show. It took place as part of the Iron Arm Challenge, an arm wrestling challenge that was set up for charity. 

Beau Ryan, funny man and former player himself, was on hand to call the event, but was clearly shocked at what happened, as Ross appeared to have his elbow dislocated, or possibly ripped the bicep off the bone. It only just happened, so details are scarce at this stage.

Now 40-years-old, Sailor switched from Rugby League to Union and went on to play 37 Tests for the Wallabies before making his return to the NRL in 2007.

Channel Nine’s Ben Fordham wrote in a tweet that Ross’s injury “looks like a busted bicep”.

“Ben Ross is going to be OK, thankfully,” he said. “Just a freak accident nobody could have predicted. Hope he’s better ASAP.”

Ross was taken to hospital immediately, and the Nine Network cut to an ad break.

It’s safe to say that Sailor was the winner. We wish Ross all the best with his recovery.

Since it happened, Sailor has spoken about what went through his mind at the time.

“After he got the start on me, I’ve pushed back. And as I’ve pushed I saw him use his bodyweight a little bit, which you do anyway, to try and stop me coming back to that point,” Sailor explained.

“At that stage, that sound, the look on his face, what just happened. It was just gut-wrenching. I thought he might have pulled a biceps muscle. But just to see his arm hanging there, I felt so helpless. I didn’t know whether to pick him up or what to do. There’s so many emotions running through your head.

“I’ll never arm wrestle again now. Not even for fun, not even with mates. I used to like to do it for fun but I’ll never arm wrestle again after seeing what just transpired there.”

Warning: graphic content and language


  • drg
    8:27 PM 13/06/2015

    ...I'd imagine this video got a lot less views than their average videos...

  • i_bleed_green_and_gold
    7:58 PM 13/06/2015

    This has nothing to do with rugby except ex players were involved. Rd, don't just post things to get views.

  • jimmy23
    5:23 PM 12/06/2015

    I've seen too many videos like this for me to be convinced that an arm wrestle is a good idea... ever.

  • welshosprey
    4:29 PM 12/06/2015

    Sounded just like breaking a kit-kat. Remember kids, drink your milk.

  • s_conner
    1:11 PM 12/06/2015

    Is it possible to un-hear/see something?!

  • rememberthemer
    12:13 PM 12/06/2015

    Gaahh! Wendell with the universal hands on head when something incomprehensibly awful happens.

  • drg
    12:01 PM 12/06/2015

    A few points: That was horrific! That sound brings back a few memories on the pitch, fortunately the sounds weren't from me. Wendell Sailor is 40?!?!? Bloody hell!

  • 3:49 PM 11/06/2015

    Nooooo Warning: graphic content and language.... didn`t read that part


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