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Friday Sep 23, 2011

France's killer blow against New Zealand - RWC 2007

France's killer blow against New Zealand - RWC 2007

The Yannick Jauzion try that broke New Zealand’s heart, knocking the All Blacks out of the 2007 Rugby World Cup quarter final in Cardiff. This weekend the two sides meet again, in Auckland, with revenge in mind for the hosts.


  •  bnations
    4:51 PM 23/09/2011

    Anton, I was screaming at the computer during those 5 minutes that NZ *deserved* to lose if they didn't at least try for a droppie, but only later did I realize that they didn't have anyone capable of dropping a goal at that point. Carter was off injured as well as several others. They were playing for the penalty or try all the way. It was an unusually bad tactical decision on their part.

  •  moddeur
    4:25 PM 23/09/2011

    I love the British commentary, very dignified, very noble, zero passion. The French commentary was more along the lines of "AAHHHH! IT'S A BREAK! OH MY!! AHHHHH YES YEEEES YEEEEEEEAH! IT'S A TRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" (screaming, giggling).

  •  anton
    3:51 PM 23/09/2011

    I'm expecting a flow of comments about the forward pass, but please keep in mind that the blacks then stayed 5mn in the French 40m without attempting a single drop goal....


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