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Wednesday Feb 1, 2017

Freddie Michalak hit the uprights four times in one match

Freddie Michalak hit the uprights four times in one match

Frederic Michalak is no stranger to collecting points in a match. However, he’s probably never scored them in quite the way he did against Racing 92. The Lyon halfback managed to inexplicably hit the posts four times, with three of the four going through the uprights.  

The first bounce fell away unsuccessfully, but like a pure jump-shooter, Michalak managed to bank in the second post strike with ‘a bit of luck’.

The third couldn’t have used another inch on the post and left Dan Carter with a smile.

No doubt, by this point Freddie was calling his shots and telling teammates it was deliberate.

Not content with just three, his FOURTH was perhaps the most impressive as he managed to slot it home from wide out, just beyond the 22-metre line. And this all happened within a fascinating 20 minutes in the second half.

Hopefully, we’ve all had a match or two where seemingly nothing could go wrong. Sadly, for most of us, we’re probably more used to the direct opposite.

Aside from the freakish nature of some of his kicks, it was quite the performance by Michalak overall, as he managed to kick 7 for 8 from the tee, helping Lyon to a hugely valuable 37-25 victory.


  • sjaaks
    2:11 PM 01/02/2017

    If one were to ask me who this sort of thing could ever happen to, Freddie Michalak would have been on top of my list. Of course I'm not saying it was diliberate, but freakish stuff only comes from magicians. Shame the first bounced off though.

  • jimmy23
    12:46 PM 01/02/2017

    0:30 Translation: "What a mad c**t!"


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