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Friday Oct 14, 2011

Friday Funnies - Keep your eye on the ball, and the beer

Friday Funnies - Keep your eye on the ball, and the beer

It’s the end of another busy week so as you finish up work and get prepared for a weekend of Rugby World Cup Semi Finals, here’s a quick clip that will either make you laugh, cringe, or send in hate mail. 

What does one write about a young female rugby fan getting drenched in beer while innocently watching her team play in the Aviva Premiership? Do we give a match analysis, discuss who scored the tries, and possibly predict the outcome for the rest of the season?

No. Instead, we give the write-up some weight by taking up a few paragraphs of talking about talking about what happened. So far, it’s going okay. Certainly far better than it did for that poor girl anyway, as a penalty from Exeter’s Argentine flyhalf Ignacio Mieres sailed through the uprights, then whacked some horrible smelly bloke’s beer all over her.

Exeter went on to win 21-11, so if she was a Chiefs fan, it wasn’t all in vain. Judging by some of the emails and tweets we’ve received requesting the clip to be shown, it created a few laughs too, so there we go. You have to feel for the girl though, the lady beside her, and the guy who lost his beer.


  • mark654321
    9:46 PM 23/10/2011

    i was born in exeter, i came out of the womb with cideeerrr

  • pretanivirago
    3:06 AM 15/10/2011

    What a douche...was he even watching the damn match? AND he lost the ciiiiider... FAN FAIL.

  • welshosprey
    6:38 PM 14/10/2011

    thats fucked up

  • 6:27 PM 14/10/2011

    Excellent in-depth analysis there in the write-up, RD. But how does one comment on a post of a humorous incident in the Aviva Premiership? Does one comment on the surprise that there is interesting rugby being played outside of the World Cup? No. Instead, we should quip about how the real victim is the guy, given how expensive that beer probably was. Or there's the joke "Well, that's one way to deal with the haka!" (see the shirt). Baseball may not have much on rugby in terms of athleticism and entertainment, but looks like rugby fans could learn a small lesson in priorities from guys like this:

  • stefan
    4:37 PM 14/10/2011

    crackin' spot by the cameraman. LAD


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