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Friday Sep 9, 2011

Friday Funnies - The Ben Broster chip kick

Friday Funnies - The Ben Broster chip kick

So the World Cup is in full swing and the eyes of the world are on New Zealand, but we shouldn’t forget that in other parts there are still healthy domestic competitions taking place. Here’s a quick funny from the Avivia Premiership, and last weekend’s match between Wasps and Saracens.

It’s not the first time that a piece of front row skill has been featured on the site, and it certainly wont be the last. It’s one of those fascinating elements of rugby that sets the sport apart from others.

No, not neccessarily the lumpy front rowers themselves, but more the fact that we’ve got so many different types that make up a team, and everyone wants to be a star at what they’re not meant to be doing. Except for wingers of course, who traditionally tend to avoid tackling, rucking, and getting their shorts dirty. But that’s another rugby cliche we’ll avoid getting into right now.

Now we’re talking about Props. We all love them. They’re the teddy bears of the team who usually struggle to catch, pass, and move. Yes, another inaccurate rugby cliche, but we’re on a roll here. When a prop makes a good run or shows a bit of skill, everyone usually gasps in unison, then cheers, then laughs out loud.

So when Ben Broster of Wasps made a break, beat a fellow front rower, and then attempted the chip and chase against a winger, well, that’s comedy gold, and definitely worth sharing here on RD.


  • natural7
    1:47 PM 14/09/2011

    Challenge has been laid down to our front row for first game of the season on saturday!

  • pjpjames
    7:55 PM 13/09/2011

    mendorugger--i agree mate.

  • rugbydump
    9:57 AM 10/09/2011

    Yep, they're still doing their thing. Check out the website for live commentary etc

  • eltigre
    7:52 AM 10/09/2011

    Wasps kit looks identical to the ospreys kit a few seasons ago

  • 4:20 AM 10/09/2011

    Also, while we are talking of front rowers, is there any chance to post a video of Alisona Taumalolo making a BIG impact off the bench? Standout in a very spirited and surprisingly disciplined (in the second half) Tongan side

  • 4:12 AM 10/09/2011

    @ I love bacon: you'd be surprised, Ma'a Nonu seems to know what he's doing (obviously not world class) come scrum time. He's pushed in the third row a few times for New Zealand. Well, it helps being built like a refrigerator with two huge logs as legs. Still, I like to laugh at players stepping out of their roles as much as the next guy, but when the front row fatties nail a piece of skill (Oosthuizen, Vickery, Afoa, just to name a few), it's just madness, the whole crowd skips a beat and goes "holly crap". And you SKULL THY PINT back at the bar. PS-Rugby Dump, I know this an odd request, but is Alternate Rugby Comentary (a series of NZ made funny rugby clips I once found in this very site) still around? The "humble" Jed Thian always craked me up

  • 3:57 AM 10/09/2011

    I do have to admit that I appreciate the guy's effort. Not often you see a prop choose to try a run than just smash his way into the tackle. It's along the lines of the Vickery sidestep. It's good to see the rotund guys trying stuff out like that. On the flip side, it's also funny on the rare occasion when a back gets called up to get in the scrum - like if there's a loose forward injured and another carded, so they just stick a wing up in there. They just stick their head down push, hoping no one is watching them, fingers crossed they don't mess up.

  • mendorugger
    1:24 AM 10/09/2011

    unlucky Ben, pay no attention to the talking heads that are announcing comfortably from their both, had he made that chip, they would have been babbling on about the brilliance and diversity of his game. technique was superb, just a poor drop. had it been a back going for the chip it would have just been chalked up to bad luck, but because it was a forward, well its scene as to much an effort for such an uncoordinated individual. The thought of athletic move from a forward is just to much for small heads to wrap around. was funny how surprised he was that the chip went so bad though.

  • 1:17 AM 10/09/2011

    Except for wingers of course, who traditionally tend to avoid tackling, rucking, and getting their shorts dirty.Tell that to little Gio Aplon. :)

  • sp1nlo0p
    12:53 AM 10/09/2011

    i bet he got so many comments by his mates :D

  • rich_w
    12:42 AM 10/09/2011

    Austin Healy is wetting himself in the background, classic!


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