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Friday Sep 16, 2011

Friday Funnies - The Steve Thompson kiss of death

Friday Funnies - The Steve Thompson kiss of death

England’s win over Argentina last weekend wasn’t as much a spectacle as it was a battle, with some poor kicking, execution, and plenty of niggle. It took a streaker and that kiss to lighten the mood.

Britney and Madonna had nothing on this, as Steve Thompson did the one thing that could probably hurt hard man Mario Ledesma even more than a Courtney Lawes knee in the head. Thompson recounts the incident himself, from his column.

“People were getting knocked out; there was blood everywhere and some really fiery moments. But I still found time to lighten the mood. The England supporters were great, the Argentine fans were something else and there was a definite tension in the air,” Thompson said.

“Thankfully we eventually managed to silence them the only way you can – by winning the game. Before then, I managed to do my bit to stir up the occasion by planting a kiss on my opposite number Mario Ledesma. It’s not something I make a habit of doing and thinking about it now, I’m not sure why I did it!

“Things were getting a little heated and maybe a in the old days we would have just walloped each other and then got on with it. I think he lost his head a bit going by some of the things he was saying and I may not have helped things by laughing at him. He got a bit wound up and tried to rally the guys around him but we just stayed cool, got a good hit on and won a crucial penalty.” 


  • guy
    8:35 PM 16/09/2011

    I thought it was quite funny. Episode 13 of the series 'How to get under your opponents skin'. As written by....well any great no 6 or 7 in the world I guess.

  • ropeycentre
    3:17 PM 16/09/2011

    Sad that this incident was the best bit of play by an Englishman in the whole of the first half. can they get any worse on Sunday?

  • colombes
    11:47 AM 16/09/2011

    it's weird how a kiss can be interpretated from a side to another. but it summarized well this england-argentinab: more talk than action. i guess also that hookers become a bit freak with age ;)

  • silasvb
    11:03 AM 16/09/2011

    Probably better than posting the highlights of this game...


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