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Friday May 11, 2018

Fullback runs straight into a brick wall in new US rugby competition

Fullback runs straight into a brick wall in new US rugby competition

It’s just three rounds into the inaugural MLR season and there is already a contender for hit of the season after Glendale Raptors’ Number 8 ended a Utah Warrior with a monster tackle.

Fullback Don Pati did well to field a kick over and ghost through the opposition defence, but encountered one player too many as Glendale Raptors’ Sam Figg smashed him.

The impact seemed to shake both players as they both stayed down afterwards, although Figg seemed to come off worse. He received treatment but continued playing a few minutes later.

The big tackle had a touch of irony to it as one of the commentators, a few seconds before the hit, said Pati was “one of the toughest players to tackle”.

Figg is a former Australia Sevens representative and is one of the more well-known names in the new American league, while Pati was born in Samoa but has represented the USA in Sevens.

Glendale Raptors went on to win 36-29 to maintain their perfect record in the league, with Figg, Mika Kruse, USA internationals Peter Dahl and Bryce Campbell, and the amazingly named Harley Davidson all scoring for the away side.

Tonata Lauti, Tongan international Fetu’u Vainikolo, and American international Angus MacLellan all scored for Utah.

credit: majorleaguerugby


  • drg
    12:29 AM 12/05/2018

    Ugh, always the little guys that cause the issues. I remember years ago, being around 16stone playing flanker and ending up in a two on one, scrum half had the ball and I decided that I'm sure to lose the 2v1, but it was a good time to ruin his day, totally legal but I caught him so sweetly that somewhere along the line some part of his leg (foot or knee) caught me on the shin JUST below my knee, I thought I'd broken my leg, he left the field, I hobbled around for a fair time before eventually being able to put a decent amount of weight on it to carry on..! Jeez it was painful! Memory tells me the other 1 was caught by a covering tackle... But I was in so much agony I couldn't give a hoot if they'd scored 2-3 tries in that one move! Glad both players in this video were ok! Lovely legal hit.


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Fullback runs straight into a brick wall in new US rugby competition | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos