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Tuesday Sep 4, 2012

Harlequins pip London Wasps after incredible comeback at Twickenham

Harlequins pip London Wasps after incredible comeback at Twickenham

Harlequins mounted a stirring comeback on the opening weekend of the Aviva Premiership season as they came back from 40-13 down to seal a 42-40 victory over Wasps at Twickenham. Nick Evans kicked the winning penalty in his 100th ‘Quins game.

Wasps got off to a great start as they shot to 20-0 up after only 12 minutes, before Harlequins came back sensationally after trailing by 27 points. Evans was key, scoring 22 points by fulltime.

“We were horrific first half and Conor O’Shea had a few choice words with us at half-time,” said Evans. “I cannot explain what was wrong, but we didn’t play and had to really chase the game. Danny Care said to me that if we could come back from this deficit we’d never forget it. We won’t.

“No excuses, we were very poor for too much of the game, but we also showed our character and belief in one another to fight back.”

The new TMO adjudication came into play for the first time as a Tom Varndell try was called back after a forward pass had occurred, costing Wasps a first half bonus point. They picked it up later through Marco Wentzel, but after Tim Payne scored for ‘Quins, the game changed.

Evans’ 77th minute penalty sealed the deal for an astonishing comeback, and great start to the Premiership season. Below are short, official highlights from the match.


  • juggernauter
    5:03 PM 07/09/2012

    Two words for you: Nick Evans!!

  • 12:12 AM 05/09/2012

    The quins subs actually took over the game. Dickson especially was a big improvement on Care who tries to do too much rather than unleash his team as a 9 should. Brown is impressive, would like to see him more in a white jersey.

  • stroudos
    9:55 PM 04/09/2012

    Couldn't agree more! Insanely dull narrator, he should never be allowed to do another. These highlights look like they've been put together by a football fan. A winger strolling in from 5m out is NOT a highlight of the game, it's merely a record of what happened. (Although at least it's better than endless of close-ups a flyhalf's face as he lines up a kick). Mr Dump - you must have some influence with these people. Every rugby fan I know despises this type of highlights reel. Can you pass on the message!?

  • 7:56 PM 04/09/2012

    I was there, was great! The wasps backrow were mighty, completely outplayed the quins and that messed up their attacking play. It also meant that they had lots of opportunities to counter and wade was no match for lowe (he is a centre after all). I think wasps did tire after the hour, and the match really changed when haskell and masi (he looks like a good transfer) had come off and quins brought in chisholm and guest. You also saw both sides of the new video replay regulations. The good was when Varndells try just before half time was disallowed for the forward pass early in the passage of play and the bad when the video ref spent an absolute age looking to see if Evan's kick through for Brown's try was legit. Still it didn't spoil the match which was quality. The second match was a drab affair though, sarries thrashed the Irish who looked really poor. Hard to tell how good Sarries attack was with Ashton in the backline because the Irish weren't very good.

  • moddeur
    6:23 PM 04/09/2012

    Oh my god! Talk about bumming out people about a match ... I thought the highlights would show a great match, but all I got was that monotonously dull voice saying "and then they scored, and then they scored, and then they scored, yawn, and then [pause] they scored". No passion in these highlights. Should have an Italian, Argentinian or French voice-over.

  • 6:05 PM 04/09/2012

    Absolute thriller of a game! Un-questionably the best game in the premiership in recent years. The game was an epic!, with both teams looking in good form.

  • 2:50 PM 04/09/2012

    Nice one man , great highlights

  • dave
    2:11 PM 04/09/2012

    Whopper comeback with some cracking tries in the process (both sides). For those who want to, you can get longer highlights here:


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