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Tuesday Jan 6, 2015

Ian Madigan's sneaky quick tap try against Ulster

Ian Madigan's sneaky quick tap try against Ulster

Leinster flyhalf Ian Madigan scored the sneakiest of tries to help the Irish powerhouse side to a 24-11 win over Ulster in the Guinness Pro12 at the weekend. It’s been called the oldest trick in the book, but somehow he executed it well enough to drive over.

It was a bit of a turning point in the match, as Leinster had the penalty and a possible shot at goal, but they turned it down and opted for a kick at a 5m lineout instead.

He all but kicked it, and at the last minute took the tap and despite the attention of two big forwards, managed to wriggle over for a well taken, albeit risky, try.

“I think it is good to have guys who want to be a little bit different,” said forwards coach Leo Cullen.

“The greatest player of all time (Brian O’Driscoll) has just retired and he was prepared to try things. You have to be ballsy to try things and it came off for Mads.”

The Leinster legend himself approved:

“When it comes off its brilliant, when it doesn’t it’s terrible,” added Cullen.

“Mads has no problem making those decisions. He’s brave and, at times, he can be a bit of a maverick, for sure. But he is such a quality player and he is working his ass off for the team and to be better himself.

“As long as you get that from your players, that is all you can ask for really,” said Cullen.

View official highlights from the match on page two here


  • themull
    1:00 PM 16/01/2015

    yea also in fairness to O' Gara the ref actually told him he was free to take it too! poor refereeing although tries against the Boks are hard to come by so we'll take what we can get ;)

  • benny
    10:03 PM 09/01/2015

    Same thing happened to the ABs in the pool game vs France at the last world cup. Very very frustrating to see

  • jimmy23
    7:43 PM 08/01/2015

    Or they'll be gobsmacked a 2nd row tried it and be frozen in their spots

  • stroudos
    6:04 AM 08/01/2015

    Nice one Dan. Well worth watching this again for the majesty of Shane Byrnes's mullett. 1:20 - Talk to your players please! (while I let this guy take a sneaky tap behind your back). To play devil's advocate, maybe Honiss had decided 3-4 penalties behind the 5m line in a single minute was taking the piss and a penalty try was imminent anyway, then O'Gara just saved him the bother...

  • drg
    8:44 PM 07/01/2015

    Loved it!! I'm going to try this ne...... who am I kidding... they'll never fall for it with a second row... I'll probably fumble the bloody thing!

  • ronan
    5:00 PM 07/01/2015

    WHO LET THE DOGS OUT....... WHO WHO WHO WHO WHO.... Well done mad dog.

  • danknapp
    2:33 PM 07/01/2015

  • reality
    2:05 PM 07/01/2015

    I think there were comments about it on the Facebook post of this video. Anyway, yeah, the O'Gara one was an absolute joke, but that referee was pretty awful in general, if I remember correctly. Madigan's was legit, and I kind of feel for the defending players; I definitely wouldn't have expected it.

  • stroudos
    1:38 PM 07/01/2015

    Not sure where that's referenced here, but you do remember correctly, it was a total sham. Smit wasn't just told he *could* speak to his players; the ref specifically instructed him to speak to them. Then allowed a quick tap behind his (Smit)'s back. This Madigan one looks legit though.

  • 2:35 AM 07/01/2015

    Tell us more!

  • 10stonenumber10
    12:43 AM 07/01/2015

    "...sneaky sneaky" - Emilio, Mr Deeds.

  • tphillipsstl
    11:33 PM 06/01/2015

    i did that in college once.

  • marty
    2:56 PM 06/01/2015

    Great to see that Madigan has the means of his ambitions. He'll be so important next year, even if sexto comes back


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