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Saturday Sep 19, 2015

Japan edge South Africa at the death in huge Rugby World Cup upset

Japan edge South Africa at the death in huge Rugby World Cup upset

Japan have beaten South Africa 34-32 in Brighton after scoring a try over 3 minutes into added time, in what was one of the biggest upsets ever in Rugby World Cup history. It was the first time the two sides had met and Japan, coached by Eddie Jones, were outstanding.

You can view the celebrations above, and we’ll get highlights posted for you soon.


  • jeri
    11:15 AM 21/09/2015

    F@CK! Why did I choose to sleep instead of staying up and witness history being made?

  • stroudos
    7:32 AM 21/09/2015


  • 10stonenumber10
    7:12 AM 21/09/2015

    This is a pleasant surprise. Well done to the Brave Blossoms/Super Samurai!!!!!! Proof that it ain't over 'til it's over. It looks like the top tier exodus to Japan has raised the standard, it's a long way from the cricket scores of 2007 and 2011! Now if only Italy could show that sort of improvement..........

  • drg
    11:01 AM 20/09/2015

    Brilliant effort from Japan. I wonder what this will do to pool b? Sounds a bit one eyed, but I wonder if it will make any difference to the boks? Just having a look at the pool again, the boks have 2 losing points, which could prove helpful...(technically speaking) the boks don't have any competition in the pool... Of course that's not strictly true and as seen, Japan were a pretty strong but of competition, but I mean it in the sense that this should never happen.. (because of the world rankings, experience, world class players etc)... But looking ahead, SA have Samoa, Scotland and USA to play, if SA can pull their socks up they could still emerge from pool b as clear winners. Whereas one might say that before this game, they might expect Japan not to win a single game... I hope this result does mix things up a bit and really well done to Japan! Massive game, massive result!

  • jimmy23
    7:30 AM 20/09/2015

    I'm so so so so gutted I had to be working during this, who would have thunk it aye? 2nd day in and this world cup is already shaping up to be a classic. Been watching reaction videos to the final try and have had a constant smile on my face!

  • foxtrot
    7:21 AM 20/09/2015

    Not for South Africans....

  • facepalm
    2:17 AM 20/09/2015

    This is probably the best thing that could've happened to get casual supporters engaged in the world cup.

  • colombes
    1:03 AM 20/09/2015

    From this day, i think we can trash one word from the rugby vocabulary: "Minnows"

  • heavyhooker
    10:02 PM 19/09/2015

    Japan was fantastic in the last 15 minutes while SA looked lazy. From this game and the England Fiji game I hope the scrums get better. The number of collapses and "not pushing but pushing" is making them a mess. I thought the refs at this WC were supposed to be looking for teams actually following the new rules. A couple of the Japan feed in were almost straight to the lock.

  • 45678
    8:23 PM 19/09/2015

    Amazing game and as a neutral supporter a great win for the underdog Japan were organised and disciplined, were never flustered. Aside from a few missed tackles for the second half tries, they were worthy winners The springboks look devoid of ideas. They remind me of Leicester i.e. Absolutely no plan b if plan a bully game doesn't work


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Japan edge South Africa at the death in huge Rugby World Cup upset | RugbyDump - Rugby News & Videos